• Business and Technology
    The Business Department (Practical Arts) is designed to introduce students to several elective, C.T.E., I.B., and A.P. courses articulated with community colleges and are recommended for students interested in earning and learning certification and practical job-skills in business and career technology pathways. Knowledge of practical arts concepts and tools can prepare students for "hands-on theoretical, practical skills, technical knowledge applications and employment in the field of traditional business, e-commerce, art, photography, computer graphics, culinary arts, and more. Students will also gain an introductory understanding of practical business skills, educational technology, job requirements, and an understanding of the changing trends and needs of the community and national economy.
    Visual Arts department and Practical Arts department combined in 2016 to create the V.A.P.A. department.
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     Department Teachers         Courses
    Chris Hunter
    Intro to Design (PLTW)
    Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    I.B. Business Principles
    Virtual Enterprise
    I.C.T. Career
    I.C.T. Career
    Exploring Computer Science
    A.P. CS Principles
    Academic Seminar
    Intro to Film Making
    TV Dig/Production
    Adv TV/Dig Video 
    Food & Nutrition
    Food & Beverage Production
    Fox Lehjika
    I.C.T. Career


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