Independent reading Requirement 

    1. You will submit a three-part document (may be longer). Please email, if possible. Type this in your         subject line:

                                  Name, IR # ___, Period ___


    2. Page #1: Plot summary


    3. Page #2: Analysis of a main character (protagonist or antagonist).


                         To write a complete analysis of character, be sure to consider: (do not create a "worksheet" to submit. Write paragraphs in which you consider the characterization techniques below)


    •          Words

    •          Actions

    •          Appearance

    •          Thoughts

    •          Effects on other people

    •          Direct characterization


    4. Page #3: Personal response

                WRITE A RESPONSE IN PARAGRAPH FORM (INTRO-BODY-CONCLUSION). Please do not attempt to answer each question as you respond. Try to consider them in your response.

    • This is the page where you get to share your opinion and how you were able to relate to the text. I want to know how you liked the book and why. Below are some things to consider, but you do not have to write about each (or any), specifically.
    • Four ways to relate to a book (text) are:


                A. Text to self: How does the text relate to me?


                B. Text to text: How is this text similar to other texts?


                C. Text to World: Why does it matter for people to read this text?


                D Text to itself: What are the distinguishing features of this text?


    Formatting Directions: Type in Microsoft Word or Google Docs



    • Font: Size 12, Times New Roman
    • Spacing: single-spaced
    • Word count: Minimum 250 words per page.  INDICATE THE NUMBER OF WORDS you typed for EACH SECTION 
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