Request a Recommendation Letter

    I am happy to write recommendation letters for college admissions or scholarship awards for students who have successfully completed my courses.  In fact, I am honored to do so.  It is important that you provide me some key information that will help me write the most effective letter on your behalf.  It is also important that you plan ahead in making your requests as I am often asked to write dozens of letters during the course of the school year.  To assist you, the Recommendation Request Form is a form that you can download that tells you exactly what to do and what information to provide to me (the form is also below).  You may submit the information me to me directly in Rm. H267, or you may email it to me as mailto:aaguilar@murrieta.k12.ca.us

    Recommendation Letter Request

    Mr. Aguilar

    Student Guidelines

    1. Please submit any recommendation letter request at least 2 weeks prior to the  

        deadline for mailing or giving you the letter. While I will try to accommodate last  

        minute requests, I cannot guarantee the timely completion of such letters.


    2. If the recommendation must be mailed, include a stamped envelope with the mailing

        address for the school or scholarship foundation and the following return address   

        written on it:


    Anthony Aguilar

    c/o Murrieta Mesa High School

    24801 Monroe Ave.

    Murrieta, CA 92562


    3. Indicate the following information:

        Your Name:______________________________________________________

        School/Scholarship Applying For:____________________________________


    4. Indicate the date the recommendation letter must be completed by:

    Please MAIL the letter by _____________________

    I will pick up the letter on_____________________


    5.  Please include a sheet with the following information if available:

    ·   Description of assignments, presentations, or projects you completed while in my

       class that you felt distinguished you from other students

    ·   Your current GPA and class rank

    ·   Advanced Placement test scores

    ·   Recognition received for PSAT or EAP Exams

    ·   Honors and awards you have received

    ·   School activities you participate in and any leadership positions you hold within these activities

    ·   Outside activities you participate in and any leadership positions you hold within these activities

    ·   Current academic and career goals

    ·   Any other pertinent information that might help me in completing the letter

Last Modified on October 25, 2021