Phone: 951-304-1880 x3488


Degrees and Certifications:

MBA, University of Phoenix

Mrs. Clara Wallace, Library Tech

I have been the librarian at Lisa J. Mails since March 2013. Before I became the school librarian, I was self-employed as a freelance graphic designer and have always been creative and entrepreneurial.

I hold a deep love of the creativity process. I am an artist and like to paint, make art journals and handmade books, draw, practice modern calligraphy and many other things. I am always interested in learning new things.

I love my job! What I like most about my job here at Lisa J. Mails is inspiring the kids and getting them excited about reading, books, art, creativity and learning.

I really enjoy seeing all the students, from preschool to 5th grade. Because of my interest in creativity and making art, I try to connect learning, books and reading to creative thinking whenever I can.

If you like art, please come introduce yourself! I’d love to meet fellow art enthusiasts who are a part of our school community. Also, if you are interested in being a guest story reader, please come see me!

Be inspired,
Mrs. Wallace