Please teach your kids to remember to bring their library books on their library day. Visiting the library and checking out books is a privilege and we expect all students to take care of their books and return them on time. Teach your kids to be responsible and take care of their library books to avoid fines.

    M-F 7:45am until Morning Bell
    After school for returns and check outs only - close 15 minutes after the end of the school day.

    Book Check Out
    Each teacher has a scheduled weekly library time when they visit the library to check out books. Books are due in 7 days and can be renewed if the student has not finished the book/s. To renew a book, students must bring the book/s in to the library.

    Students are welcome to return their books as soon as they are finished with them. They do not have to wait until their library day. 

    If a student has an overdue book, or book fines, they will not be allowed to check out library materials until their outstanding books are returned/fines are paid. We will give your child a notice, or send you an email with the overdue book information.

    Please see the information about library book expectations and how to take care of a library book.

    Fines: Lost or Damaged Books
    Fines are incurred when books are lost or damaged. Fines are payable to the library in CASH only. Lost books can be replaced by the same or better title - please contact Mrs. Wallace for details for your specific book title.

    End of Year
    Students with outstanding library fines or unreturned books will not get their yearbook or report card. Fifth graders will not be able to register, get schedules or textbooks if they have outstanding fines/unreturned library materials. Fines follow your student to their next grade level.

    Please teach your kids to be responsible with their books to avoid fines.