• iRead

    Kindergarten through second grade students should complete 15 minutes of iRead per day. To log on to iRead click on the iRead link under students on the E. Hale Curran page. 

                        Log in information - user name - nine digit number 

                                        password - student's first name and grade (ie. christy1)


    For help downloading the iRead app to your iPad, watch this tutorial: iRead iPad Tutorial


    Helpful Hints

    Focus when the program tells you it is time to fast track. This gives you the opportunity to skip the lesson. 

    If you are frustrated and don't understand the skill being taught email me ( or the classroom teacher so we can support you.

    Remember no more than 15 minutes a day on the program. We want you to be successful. 



    Time on the program and work will be monitored by the classroom teacher and the Learning Center team. 



    If your student is having trouble logging on or with the content of the program please contact me or your child's teacher. I am available at My office hours are from 10-2. 



Last Modified on April 25, 2020