Tech Support
  • If you are having technical trouble logging on to student programs, first try these tips:


    • Sites typically work better browsing through Chrome (not Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.).
    • Be sure you are accessing the links through E. Hale Curran's website & not thru a Google search.
    • Verify you are using the correct username and password for the program you are trying to access. Make sure CAPS LOCK is off.

    Apps (iPad, tablet, smartphone, etc):

    • The app is stating your device is "not configured":
      • Go to settings
      • Go to the section where you see your apps
      • Select the app you are having the issue with
      • Type in our school site ID: h100000021
      • Go back to your home screen and select the app again


    • For help with access to Read 180 eBooks & eReads, watch this video tutorial: Read 180 eBook & eRead Tutorial
    • For help logging in to Math 180, watch this video tutorial: Math 180 Log In Tutorial
    • For help downloading the iRead app on to an iPad, watch this video tutorial: iRead iPad Tutorial
    • For help enabling Flash in Google Chrome, watch this video tutorial: Flash using Google Chrome
    • To familiarize yourself with the Math 180 program, watch this video tutorial: Math 180 Overview
    • For help logging on to iReady thru our school website, watch this video tutorial: iReady Log In from Links
    • For the process of logging in for Virtual Learning in order to have access across all platforms, watch this video tutorial: Virtual Learning Log In
    • For help logging on to Read 180 to take the Reading Inventory (RI) or Phonics Inventory (PI) assessments, watch this video tutorial: Read 180 R.I. & P.I. Tutorial 

    If you continue to have difficulties logging on to our school programs, please email me at

Last Modified on January 21, 2022