apuntes 4

What are the two ways of saying “you” in Spanish?
What’s the difference?
  • You use USTED when talking to an older person or someone to whom you want to show respect. It is the “formal” you.
  • You use when talking to someone to someone you know well. It is the “informal or familiar” you.
How do you greet a friend ¿Cómo estástú?
How are you?
How do you greet an adult/stranger? ¿Cómo está usted?
How are you?
How do you answer? Estoy_______           
  • bien 
  • regular
  • terrible                                    
Making introductions
**These introductions take place between three people, yourself and two others-you are introducing someone to someone else
**The difference depends on whom you are introducing to whom.
How do I make formal introduction? Señor Garcia le presento a Alma
Mr. Garcia, let me introduce you to Alma.
How do I make an informal introduction?
Alma te presento a Maria.
Alma, let me introduce you to Maria.