apuntes 8

SER, again
SER=to be
Yo soy Nosotros somos
Tú eres
Ella      es
Ellas    son
How do you ask what a person is like(physically/personality)? Use the formula
¿Cómo + ser + (name/pronoun)?
¿Cómo _____ tú?
¿Cómo _____ Alma?
How do you describe yourself or others? Use the formula:
(name/pronoun) + ser + adj.
Yo ______ fuerte.
Ellos ______ interesantes.
How are adjectives in Spanish different from adjectives in English? 1. Adjectives (adjetivos) in Spanish must match in gender and number the noun that they describe. 

If the adjective ends in an “o” 

  • change to “a” to describe feminine nouns.
  • add an “s” to describe plural nouns

chico guapo  chicos guapos
chica guapa  chicas guapas

If the adjective ends in an “e”,

  • only add an “s” if plural

chico fuerte  chicos fuertes

If the adjective ends in a consontant

  • only add “es” if plural
ojos azules

Remember that colors are adjectives!!

2. Adjectives follow noun in Spanish, whereas in English they come first.
    Chico guapo
    Good-looking boy