apuntes 18

How do you talk about what
someone must do?
    Hay que + infinitive
    Tener que + infinitive
What’s the difference between hay que and tener que? Hay que is used when there is NO specific object or when you are talking about things in general.

Para sacar buenas notas, hay que estudiar.
In order to get good grades, one must (should) study.

The formula “Hay que + infinitive” never changes!!

Tener que is used when you know who you are talking about. 

Marta tiene que estudiar para sacar buenas notas.
Martha has to study in oder to get good grades.

You must conjugate tener depending on the subject of the sentence. 

Yo tengo que estudiar.
I have to study.
Nosotros tenemos que estudiar.
We have to study.
Tú tienes que estudiar.
You have to study.
Ella tiene que estudiar.
She has to study
Ellos tienen que estudiar.
They have to study.

Practice 1. We have to dance.
2. They have to swim.
3. I have to listen.
Answers 1. Nosotros tenemos que bailar.
2. Ellos tienen que nadar
3. Yo tengo que escuchar.