apuntes 19

What does the verb “ir” mean?  Ir=to go
The verb “Ir” is irregular, which means it doesn't follow the normal conjugation rules
How do you conjugate the verb “ir”?
Yo voy
I go/I am going
Nosotros(as) vamos
We go/We are going
You go/You are going
Él/Ella/Ud va
He/She goes/He/She is going/You (F) go/You (F) are going
Ellos(as)/Uds van
They go/They are going/You guys go/You guys are going
How do you say “where” in Spanish? ¿Adónde? and ¿Dónde?
What’s the difference between ¿Adónde? and ¿Dónde?? Adónde is used in questions when there is a verb indicating motion, such as ir.

Adónde literally means “to where.” 
Use Adónde with the verb IR.

(To) Where are you going?
¿Adónde vas?

Dónde is used when asking where someone or something is (located). You must use the verb ESTAR with donde.

¿Dónde está Marcos?
Where is Mark? 

Review of verb ESTAR Estar=to be
Yo estoy Nosostros estamos
Él/Ella/Ud está Ellos/Uds están

Use the verb estar
1. When talking about where people or
    places are located.
           ¿Dónde está Maria?
            Where is Maria?

2. To talk about a person’s emotions
         ¿Cómo estás hoy?
          Estoy bien. 

Repaso del verbo SER
Ser=to be
Yo soy   Nosotros somos
Él/Ella/Ud es Ellos/Uds son

Use the verb ser 
1. When talking about where someone 
    is from.
            ¿De dónde eres?
             Soy de Michigan
2. When describing someone’s personality and physical appearance.
        ¿Cómo eres?
         Soy alta, rubia, y cómica.