apuntes 25

What’s an irregular verb?

An irregular verb doesn’t follow the rules for regular conjugations. Some verbs are only irregular in the “yo” form, while others are totally irregular.

What are some verbs with irregular “yo” forms?
Hacer-to do/to make
HAGO Hacemos
Haces X
Hace Hacen

Conocer-to know/to be familiar with

CONOZCO Conocemos
Conoces x
Conoce Conocen

What is the personal “a”? The personal “a” must be used whenever a person is the object of a verb. The “a” must follow the verb. The “a” can also be used with pets, but it is not required.

Conozco a tu hermano.
¿Conoces a Mario?
Tengo que cuidar a mi hermana.

How is the verb “oír” irregular? It is irregular in the “yo” form and has a spelling change in the “tú, él, ellos” forms

Oír-to hear

Oigo    Oímos
Oye  Oyen

 What does ¡Oye! mean?
¡Oye! by itself means “hey,” “listen,” or “you have to hear this” and is used to get someones attention