apuntes 13

What are the demonstrative adjectives and what do they mean?This/these” (near the speaker)
Masculine Feminine

 “That/those” (farther away)

SingularEse Esa
PluralEsos Esas

 “That/those” (at a great distance)


How do they work?
Demonstrative adjectives match in gender and number the noun that they describe and go before the noun.
1. Whose book is this?
2. I like those pencils.
3. That reporter is from channel 12.
1. ¿De quién es este libro?
2. Me gustan esos lápices
3.Aquella reportera es del canal 12.
Demonstrative pronouns
These words (este/ese/aquel) can also be pronouns that take the place of nouns.
What's the difference between a demonstrative adjective and a demonstrative pronoun?A demonstrative pronoun has an accent-adjectives do not.

¿Saben quién es ese señor?
¿Ése? Sí es el reportero.

Aquella reportera es del canal 12.
Aquélla es del canal 5.