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Reflexive verbs
A reflexive verb is a verb in which the action reflects back on the subject. The infinitives of reflexive verbs have the reflexive pronoun, se, attached to them.

Asustarse de  
Divertirse (e-ie)
Sentirse (e-ie)
Portarse bien  
Darse cuenta de

How to conjugate reflexive verbs
Take the "se" off the end, put in in front, and then conjugate like normal
 Sentirse=to feel
ME sientoNOS sentimos
TE sientes x
SE sienteSE sienten
If you are using a reflexive verb in the infinitive-you must change the reflexive pronoun to match the subject.

Me gusta reírme.
Tenemos que portarnos bien.

Practice1. They always hide at school.
2. Yesterday she fell.
3. I realized the truth
4. I have to apologize
Answers1. Ellos siempre se esconden en la escuela.
2. Ayer, ella se cayó.
3. Yo me di cuenta de la verdad.
4. Tengo que disculparme.