apuntes 19

What’s a direct object?D.O tell WHAT or WHOM receives (is acted upon by) the action of the verb in a sentence. 
How do you find the direct object in a sentence?1. find the verb
2. ask yourself verb +
    I see.          No D.O.
    I see fish.   I see WHAT? 
    I see Sue.   I see WHOM?
What are the direct object pronouns in Spanish?                 D.O.P.
ME     meNOS    us
TE      you
LO  it (masculine)
LA  it (feminine)
LOS   them
LAS   them (feminine)
How to..1. Conjugate verb according to
    who/what did the action
2. Ask verb+WHAT/WHOM? (D.O)
3. Pick appropriate D.O. in Spanish
4. Put D.O in front of verb or attached to “r” of infinitive (if you have one)
5. Finish your sentence.
Helpful saying...Put objects before verbs or next to the ‘r’
Keep them close to the action, they cannot go far!
Practice:1. Tengo la tarea.
2. Comemos la ensalda con vinagre.
3. Voy a contestar el teléfono.
4. She needs to help her dad.
5. You need to clean the silverware.
6. We are going to study Spanish.
7. The students understand the lession.
Las Respuestas1. La tengo
2. La comemeos con vinagre
3. Voy a contestarlo
4. Ella necesita ayudarlo.
5. Necesitas limpiarlos.
6. Vamos a estudiarlo.
7. Los estudiantes la entienden