apuntes 21

What happens if you have both a direct and indirect object pronoun in the same sentence?My mom buys the car.

My mom buys me the car

My mom buys it for me.

My mom buys me the car.
My mom buys FOR WHOM?
                   for me=I.O.
My mom buys WHAT?
                   the car=D.O.
Word order?The indirect object pronoun goes before the direct object pronoun.
(Don’t forget you I.D.)
How tojQuery1520026848764006489056_13133256817651. Conjugate verb 
 Mi mamá compra
2. Double object pronouns
 for whom=for me ME
 what=the car  LO
3. Pronouns still go before verb or attached to the “r” on an infinitive
 Mi mamá me lo compra.
4. Clarify/emphasize adding “a” and the person who receive the benefit.
Mi mamá me lo compra a mí.
BOBO rule?“Le lo”’s a no no,
you’ll sound like a bobo.

You cannot place the pronouns le or les next to lo/la. Instead replace the le/les with SE (but this is a different “se” than the reflexive pronouns).

We bought the car for them.
Les lo compramos. 
Se lo compramos.

Practice1. My mom bought the dresses for the girls.
2. He brought me the homework.
3. They gave her 20 dollars.
Las Respuestas1.Mi mamá se los compró.
2.Él me la trajo.
3. Ellos se lo dieron.