apuntes 24

Los Mandatos y Los pronombres If your command includes a pronoun (direct/indirect/reflexsive) there are rules for where that pronoun must go.
Las ReglasAffirmative Commands (Do something)

Pronoun(s) must go on the end of the command. 

Tell me=Dígame
(uds) Give it to me=Dénmelo

You must add accent to keep the correct pronunciation.

Negative Commands (don't do)

Pronoun(s) must go before the verb.

Don't talk to me=No me hable
Don't take it= No lo toque

Práctica1. Say it (in reference to the truth)(ud)
2. Listen to me (uds)
3. Do it (in reference to homework)(uds)
4. Don't wake up late (ud)
5. Don't yell at him (ud)
Respuestas1. Dígala
2. Escúchenme
3. Háganla
4. No se despierte tarde
5. No le grite