Summer Assignment

  • ** All students signed up for AP Chem were sent an email and a Cavas course invite the week before finals.  Please check that for more information.  All summer homework is on the Canvas page.  If you join this class later, please email me so I can add you to the Canvas course.  All students will be required to complete the summer assignment no matter when they join the course.


    AP 2021-2022 - Summer Assignment:

     I am so excited that you are choosing to take AP Chemistry next year!!  You do have a summer assignment that will help you review some of the basic material learned in regular chemistry that will carry over into AP Chemistry.  I would recommend working on this in chunks over the course of the summer.  There will be quiz on this material at the beginning of school (probably not until the first full week).

    Before you start the summer homework, I would like you to email me ( and introduce yourself, tell me who you had for regular chemistry, and why are want to take AP Chem.  I will use this to start to get to know you as well as check off that students on my class list have the assignment information.


    All assignments below are DUE: TBA...First week of School sometime

    Note: Your textbook may not be available to check out for the summer. Therefore, I will have chapters 1-3 as pdf files for you to use to complete the assignment.


    1. Complete the lesson on Limiting reactats

    2. Complete the focus questions for Chapter 1, 2 and 3 in Chemistry: The Central Science.  Answers to the focus questions can be typed or handwritten.

    3. Complete Chapter 1, 2, and 3 exercises by hand… must show work when necessary.


    Miss Cote