Summer Assignment

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    AP 2018-2019 - Summer Assignment:

    ** The following assignments are to be used for review.... they will not be collected. However, you will have a quiz/test either week 1 or 2 covering all review material, basic math, and net ionic equations.

    Many times throughout the year, you will be given access to extra assignments for more practice. It is up to you to decide how much you need to do in order to succeed. Different students will need different amounts of practice.  Part of the learning in this class is becoming more independent and doing extra work if needed. While there will be lots of guided learning in class, you will need to put in work on your own in order to learn well enough to succeed in the class and on the exam.

    1) Read the first three chapters and review material... there will be a quiz/test in the first week

    Chapter 1-3 Practice Test ~ Not Required

    Answers to Practice Test

    Pre- AP Review Material ~ Not Required

    2) Know the solubility rules and how to write "net ionic equations"  (We will review this in class before the quiz, but your are expected to have the rules memorized before school starts.)

    Solubility rules (KNOW/Memorize these before coming to class on the first day!)

    My Net Ionic Notes with samples

    Net Ionic Summer Assignment  Here are some problems to test your knowledge of solubility rules.

           Answers  (correction made to #3 7/17)


    3) Here is some basic math practice for skills you will need in AP Chem.  I would complete pages 14-20 WITHOUT A CALCULATOR!!!

    Math Study Packet  ~ Required... will be checked week 1 of class

    This is just information to read regarding lab notebooks