• Information Communication Technology (I.C.T. Career) is a course are designed to provide students with basic productivity skills in Microsoft computer software and career exploration through the 15 career sectors recognized in the state of California. Each student in the MVUSD will enroll in 1 semester of the ICT course in their freshman year. This freshman course will support the exploration of the CTE Pathways offered at MVHS Murrieta to helpd decide what's the best career option for your future.
    • Office 365

      Office 365

      If you’re a student or teacher you are eligible to get the online version of Microsoft Office for free, plus 1 TB of online storage. Your school allows students to install the full Office apps on up to 5 Macs or PCs for free.




      • I. C. T. Career (Information, Communication,Technology)

        I. C. T. Career (Information, Communication, Technology)

        This class introduces students to keyboarding, Microsoft Office 365, computer terminology, internet searching, study skills, 7-Habits of a Highly Effective Teens book, S.M.A.R.T. Goals, and the introduction to the '10-Year Plan'.




        • Digital Citizenship

          Digital Citizenship

          Support your kids in creating an online world that's responsible and respectful and make the most of technology, social networking, and educational resources.

        • Computing - Intro to Computer Science

          Computing - Intro to Computer Science

          Industry-aligned Career and Technical Education certification. Validate the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. 


        • My 10-Year Plan

        •  A quantitative 10-year career, education, and life plan that has personal relevance for the learner. 

        • Welcome to the Web

          Welcome to the Web

          'Welcome to the Web', an Interactive web page that includes multiple technology lessons.

Last Modified on August 4, 2023