Welcome to Mr. Fitzgerald's Classroom!
     Glazing wall sculpture
    Bluebird Gallery
     When I am working in my studio, time slows down and the intuitive experience comes through in the clay. The playful nature of my work seeks the expression of beauty appreciation.   
    Classroom #: 805
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    Phone Number: 951.696.1408  x 5805
    Ceramics I, Ceramics II and Advanced Ceramics

    I exclusively use Haiku for all information, handouts, video and Power Point presentations for Ceramics I and Ceramics II & III classes.  Please use link below to access my Haiku page.  If you are not on my Haiku roster, you will not be able to access the Ceramics portal.  If this is case for you, please email me ASAP so I can add you on to the roster so you can gain access.


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