• Frequently Asked Questions



    When may I make up essays/tests/quizzes from an absence?

    You must make an appointment for after school.  I rarely allow students to make up work during other classes.


    When may I have you proof an essay?

    I do not proof entire essays that are assignments for this class, but I will answer specific questions you may have for organization, verb tense, etc.

    I will proof personal statements for university/scholarship applications.


    Do you accept late work?

    Yes, for 50% of the assignment’s value.


    Is there extra credit?

    English I and IB—on rare occasions


    Must I use blue/black ink for all assignments?

    Absolutely.  You will have to rewrite otherwise.


    Is MLA format really necessary?

    Absolutely.  MLA and APA are the forms utilized most at the university level, so that is an important skill to possess.


    Why must I annotate?

    Annotating is a way for you, the reader, to get fully engaged with the text. 
    This is how I know you read.

    There are a variety of ways to go about annotating, for assistance look at “How to Annotate” on my homepage


    How do I find out my grade?

    ABI is utilized.  I work very hard to keep grades up-to-date, so grades are always fluctuating.  Please keep in mind, that essays take time.


    What does “Rewrite” mean on assignments?

    This means you have the opportunity to rewrite the assignment for more credit than has been awarded.  A “Rewrite” may appear due to the use of “you”, writing in inappropriate ink colors or pencil, not following directions.

    When submitting a rewrite, you must also turn in the original work.


    What do I do if I’m absent?

    If you have an excused full day’s absence, you must go to the agenda, see what you missed and print out any documents.  Come to class prepared to participate. 

    FYI--Period Absence for pep assembly or other school function:

    Your work is due that day; you do not get extra time.



Last Modified on January 19, 2016