• Ask me at least 2 weeks in advance; if I say yes, have the following ready:


    A.  Complete the ‘Recommendation Request Form’ found on the counseling page of the MVHS web site https://www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/Page/7968

    This may be sent to me electronically to save paper.

    B.  Give me a print out of your transcript; it can be unofficial, so print at home.  Include rank. This may be sent electronically (please do not send photos)

    C.  Answer the following questions:

    1. What was your High Level Essay (HLE) on and why did you choose the topic? Include the text you used.  
    2. What was your focus for your Individual Oral (IO)and why? Include the texts you used. What was this experience like for you?
    3. Greatest challenge is this class?
    4. Greatest success in this class?
    5. If you are an IB Full Diploma Candidate, what subject is your EE in?  What is the topic you chose?  How has this experience formed your growth as a student?
    6. If you are an IB Full Diploma Candidate, what was/is your CAS Project?  Why chosen, how did it impact you?
    7. If you are an IB Full Diploma Candidate, what has this program meant to you?
    8. Which pronouns do you prefer? (he/his; she/her; they/their)

          This may be sent electronically.


    Letters can be tweaked for many schools and scholarship applications.  So, if you want another letter, give me a few days to get the draft done.  

Last Modified on December 13, 2021