• Advanced English II

    This course meets UC/CSU and District graduation requirements. It provides students, through their experiences in reading, writing, listening and speaking, with the skills necessary to become informed and responsible citizens, productive and effective members of the work force, and individuals dedicated to lifelong learning.
    The class focuses on developing skills in creating composition and analyzing literature. Students will demonstrate skills using a variety of genres (poetry, drama, short stories, novels and biographies). The students will be introduced to a substantial amount of ongoing writing practice through journals, essays, creative writing, a research paper, and extensive formal papers. The course is structured around in-depth reading of classical and contemporary works of literature. Assessment will include performance-based assessment, conventional assessment, portfolios and published products. In the advanced course, students focus on independent, in-depth reading of challenging classical and contemporary literary works with more emphasis on higher level thinking skills. Advanced students are expected to read and write extensively.
    Focus Genres for Composition:
    • Persuasive Essay
    • Response to Literature Essay (Literary Analysis)
    • Research Writing

    Core and Supplemental Reading List:

    · Animal Farm

    · Of Mice and Men

    · Tale of Two Cities

    · Great Expectations

    · Julius Caesar

    · Midsummer Night's Dream

    · Night

    · Hiroshima

    · Antigone

    · Separate Peace

    · Ender's Game

Last Modified on February 10, 2009