• Themes in American Literature

    This course meets UC/CSU and District graduation requirements for English.
    Students will demonstrate reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills using an extensive variety of classical and contemporary short stories, poems, drama, and novels. Students will engage in this analysis of core and extended reading. Students will trace the evolution of American literature while exploring such themes as "The American Dream," "Coming of Age," "Justice and Injustice," "The Pursuit of Happiness," "War and Peace," and "Freedom and Dignity." Students will interact with the literature and the writing on a personal level by using collaborative techniques, visual and written interpretations, and oral presentations. The students will complete a formal historical based research paper as an integrated project.
    Semester II Essential Standards
    Focus Genres for Composition:
    • Persuasive Essay (EAP Argument)
    • Response to Literature Essay (Literary Analysis)
    • Research Writing
    Core and Supplemental Reading List:

    · The Crucible

    · The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    · The Great Gatsby

    · The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

    · Dear America, Letters from Vietnam

    · Death of a Salesman

    · The Glass Menagerie

    · A Raisin in the Sun

    · The Scarlet Letter

    · A Farewell to Arms

    · The Red Badge of Courage

    · The Jungle

    · Billy Budd

    · Their Eyes Were Watching God

    · The Life of Frederick Douglas

    · The Grapes of Wrath

    · Bless Me Ultima

    · Fallen Angels

    · The Color Purple

    · Black Boy

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