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    May 28, 2020

    IB Diploma Graduation - Class of 2020



    March 27, 2020

    Dear Parents and Students,


    We have received updated information from the IB regarding the May 2020 Examination Session. I have included the link to FAQ section of the IBO website at the bottom of this email.


    What we do know:

    1. May 2020 exams are cancelled.
    2. Scores will still be awarded so students can earn their certificates and diplomas.
    3. The score will be based on a few different factors:
      1. The coursework we submit to IB. For most courses, this is the single Internal Assessment (research paper, experiment, oral, etc.) they complete in the course. English and Music are the two exceptions where more than a single piece of work is submitted.
      2. Predicted grades – the teacher must predict how well the student was likely to do on both the internal assessment and external assessment combined.
      3. The IB will use historical assessment data from previous exam sessions, individual school data, subject data as well as comparative data of schools who have already completed uploading requirements. We know that some students perform better on the exam than the IA, and the IB is aware of this trend and will use their data analysis to adjust appropriately.  
    4. Students can choose to defer to the November test window and sit for the exams if desired. Most of our seniors will already be in college and will not likely pursue this option. But, this may be something our juniors may consider. These decisions will occur with the counselor, myself, student and family to make the best choice overall for the student.


    What we do not know yet:

    • Will they give refunds if the student would prefer to cancel the exam completely? They are still discussing this.
    • How will the universities award credit from this process? They are in contact with universities, but no answer is available yet.


    What we need from the student:

    Many of our teachers have assigned work on their IAs during this school closure. Some students are working diligently on this. Others, having heard the exams were cancelled, may have chosen to not complete the IA. We need students to complete their IA, as this is the sole assessment completed this year for the IB course. Parents, please encourage your students to put their best effort into their IA and to communicate with their teacher about submission expectations. During this time, please communicate with your teachers. We all want the students to show their best and have the greatest chance for success. Communication is the way to do this.


    Link to FAQ from IB:



    If you have questions, please let me know.


    Alanna Fields

    MVHS IB Diploma Coordinator



     Changes to the IB Diploma Program at MVHS for 2020-2021


    **Every course we now offer for IB but one is weighted through the UC System! (Sports science is the last one not weighted)

    **The registration fee for IB exams has been removed, so students only have to pay for the exams they plan to take and no additional fee is charged.


    IB English: NEW curriculum!

    • Less emphasis on oral assessments – reduced from two to one.
    • A lot more student choice – they can choose which texts they want to write about/present
    • The Individual oral assessment in senior year allows students to prepare their own presentation and choose their own literature to present on rather than a surprise prompt they pull from an envelope. 

    IB Language B: New assessment component

    • Listening portion added to the exam in May

     History sequence: To do the IB Diploma Program students now have two pathways for history

    • Students can do the IB History HL1 and HL2 as normal – both courses are now weighted with the UC system – not just HL2!
    • Or, students can take CP US History or AP US History in 11th grade and IB Economics SL in 12th

     IB Sciences: Changes in course offerings

    • Adding IB Biology SL – this satisfies Lab Science A-G requirements and has now been given the weighted credit for the UCs! 

     IB TOK: NEW curriculum! Course is weighted

    • Change in the oral presentation assessment to one that is more of an exhibition. 


    Starting in 2020-2021 the following courses would be offered in math: (ALL IB MATH COURSE ARE WEIGHTED)

    • IB Math Analysis SL (calculus-based option) – this replaces the current IB Math SL
      • The IB Math SL teacher will embed some additional calculus options so students may be prepared to move into AP Calc BC, so this course is a viable option for students instead of AP Calc AB.
    • IB Math Applications SL (statistics-based option) – this replaces the current IB Math Studies SL
      •  This will have some basic calculus introduced but a greater emphasis on statistics.
    • AP Calculus AB (no change)
      • If an IB Diploma Student wants to take this course instead of one of the IB options, then they will need to complete a contract indicating they understand the independent work they will need to complete for the IB Math requirements.
    • AP Calculus BC (we will not be offering IB Math HL2 as the new IB Math Analysis HL2 is not as rigorous as the AP Calc BC class, and we want to make sure we offer the most rigorous option on our campus).

     Some Universities suggest the following when considering the IB math options:

    • If a student plans on going into a STEM major (math, engineering, physical sciences and some economics), then the universities want to see IB Math Analysis on their transcript.
    • If a student plans on going into social science, statistics, business, psychology, and some economics majors, then the universities want to see IB Math Applications on their transcript.



     ManageBac  IB Diploma Students can now manage all their IB assessments and requirements through ManageBac. Click here: https://murrietavalley.managebac.com/login to access the website. Login with your new school email and click forgot password to retrieve your password. See Mrs. Fields if you have questions.


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