• IB Application Process

    IB applications for Diploma Program students will be accepted on a continual basis. Students can apply to the IB Program as early as 8th grade. Once the application, teacher recommendation forms and student responses are received, the IB leadership team will schedule informal intake meetings with students and parents to discuss the courses the student will take and the additional requirements that may need to be met. Students are not committed to entering the IB program if they complete an IB application earlier than their 10th grade year. Additional teacher recommendations may be required in 10th grade and a formal plan will be established during registration for 11th grade courses.  Students who want to participate in individual IB classes do not need to apply.
    Enrollment Package (complete once you have received your letter of acceptance from Mrs. Fields)
    General RegulationsGeneral Regulations (read before committing to the IB Diploma Program) 
    8th and 9th grade: Students who are interested in participating in the IB Diploma Program but may not be ready to go through the application process can complete an IB Letter of Intent to participate in the IB program. Also, during registration, students can simply check the box at the bottom of their registration cards to inform MVHS that they are interested in the program.  
    Murrieta Valley High School encourages students to announce their intent to apply for the IB program as soon as the student has decided. This allows the counselors to enroll them in proper courses in 9th and 10th grade to prepare them for the IB diploma program.  
    Students can complete the appropriate application form and have teachers complete the recommendation form and submit it to Alanna Fields, IB Coordinator at MVHS.
Last Modified on February 6, 2015