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    Español I 2020: Classwork#2.3 (U3E1) - What does Puerto Rico offer on the

    weekend? Let's talk to classmates, friends, and family about it☺!

    #      Date                 Classwork

    1. 28 Feb              Take brief notes on classmates' "Librito" presentations (10-

                                  15 classmates).

    2.  3/4 of Mar       Write 5 activities you saw in the short film "Cuerdas."  Also,

                                 write 3-5 sentences about what you like about it.

    3.  5/6 of Mar       2 Quizzes (shorter if you have homework/notes):

                               a. Write 5 (or 10) new vocab words / phrases to share/study

                               b. Write 5 (or 10) notes from classmates


    Español I 2020: Classwork#2.2 (U2E3) - Many activities to practice in class! 

    What activities (indoor/outdoor?) fill your free time? Let's talk about it☺!

    #      Date                 Classwork

     (not #1. 6/7 of Feb -  Read En Contexto on p 142-3.  What activities are

       "Good practice"         people doing?  Draw 5 activity pics and say who is

                                   doing them.  Change the subject to someone you know

    1. 10/11 of Feb      Write 5 new words to study and use (U2E3).

                                    Write 5-10 St. Valentine's words (class handout)

     2. 12/13 of Feb     Write 5 sequence words.  Talk to neighbors and find out 

                                   who had the same activites ("Yo también): Primero>

                                   Entonces> Despues (de) / Antes (de)>Luego>Por fin

    3.  18/19 of Feb    Create 2-3 sets of 5 verbs (activities).  Prep the librito.

    4.  20/21 of Feb     Copy 10 sentences from a class copy about activities:

                                    5 with "ir + a + inf" and 5 with regular present tense.

    Turn in Trabajo de Clase #2.2 for full credit el 28 de febrero.  


    Español I 2020: Classwork #2.1 (U2E2- Classwork is a great time

    to practice what you want to say outside of class☺.  Talk to someone☺!

    #      Date                 Classwork
    1.  14/15 of Jan    From the 10 most difficult MC Final problems,
                                   write notes to help you learn from them and
                                   prep for a quiz (and to use this knowledge)
    2. 16/17 > 29/30    Listen to presentations about "break" and
          January          write 5-10 summaries (apodo, fact & a question).
    3. 23/24 of Jan     Create a personal 3x5 card: pic at 8 years old, 
                              school schedule; likes at school and home and goals
    4.  16/17 of Jan     Copy 2 lines of "Tu Sonrisa" by Elvis Crespo 
    5.  29/30 of Jan     Prep for the U2E2 Exam"
                                   1.  "Escuchar" - write a few lines you understood
                                   2. Read the "Lectura" - write a few lines, reaction
                                   3. Grammar / Culture: la torta and Esatdio Azteca
                                   4. Prep the Speaking part (answer 4 questions)
                                   5. Writing about school schedules.
    Trabajo de clase is due 4 /5 of Feb for full credit. 


    Sp I 2019: Classwork #5:  Classwork can be studied☺!

     #     date                Spiral classwork

    1. 4/5 of Dec     Write notes in Mas Practica pages 37 (-ar verbs)

                               and page 39 (adverbs of frequency)

    2. 4/5 of Dec     Play Jeopardy to review U2E1.  Write 5+ answers

                               and questions.

    3. 11/12 of Dec   Review for the Mult. Choice Final by writing 10+

                                 phrases (vocab, grammar and cultural)

    4.  11/12 of Dec   Pre-write the Writing Final (3 paragraphs).  Use

                                  the handout. 

    "Trabajo de clase" is due Dec 13/16.  Show work to Sr. C.  Do not

    turn it in.  Keep it so you can use it to study for the Final.



    Sp I 2019: Classwork #4:  When classwork spills over into your life,

                                 and your life does the same...you've got something.

     #     date                Spiral classwork

    1. 12/13 de Nov   a. Play "2 truths and a lie" in groups of 4 (per 1/2 and 4).

                                  Write 10 sentences about what you learned about each


                                   b. Take a "Reverse" vocab quiz - Write 10 unknown words

                                   from the U1E3 list (p.91) and learn them (draw them...)

    2. 14/15 of Nov     a. Complete the "Numbers" Worksheet (guessing game)

                                   b. Complete the U1E3 vocab quiz on the back of the wkst.

                                   c. copy the family tree, "Mi familia♥"

    3. 18/19 of Nov     Complete the 4 co-operative quizzes from U1E3.

    4.  18/19 of Nov    U1E3: Te presento a mi familia? Write the topics to be

                                    understood in this Etapa.

    Turn in Trabajo de clase el 22 de nov / 2 de diciembre for full credit☺.



    Sp I 2019: Spiral Classwork #3 - U1E2:  Classwork is of greater value

                                                                     outside of class☺!

    #     date                Spiral classwork

    1   17/18 of Oct     Write notes about appearance and clothing (see text p.58)

    2.  23/24 of Oct      List 6-8 characters in Coco.  Describe 3 people you know.

    3. 23/24 of Oct       Write and speak about Coco and your self.  Write 2-3

                                 sentences every 15 minutes (personality, phyisical traits, hair,

                                 eyes and clothes)

    4. 29/30 of Oct      Practice quizzes (4): Write 20 phrases from U1E2 / Eval #3.

    Trabajo de clase is due el 5/6 de nov 


    Sp I 2019: Spiral Classwork #2 - EP:  Classwork is completed in class,

    but it ought to stay on my mind long after leaving class☺!

    #     date                Spiral classwork

    1.  24/25 of Sept   Immersion PowerPoint: Write/apply and share

                                 2 (or more) topics. 1. Exps of Sr. C 2. Fail forward

                               3. Bilingual brain benies 4. Learning Sp in Sp.  5. Lower

                             anxiety 6. Social/Emotional Learning 7. Brain Science:

                            neuroplasticity 8 Circumlocution.

    2. 24/25 of Sept    Write the list of your classmates "apodos."

                                   There will be a quiz on "apodos" (nicknames)

    3. 2/3 of October   Read, summarize and comment on the article about

                                    fires in the Amazon. Why is the Amazon important

                                    and what are the causes of the fires. 5-10 cognates. 

    4. 2/3 of October   With 4 mariachi songs, write what happened or 

                                   what people did in the songs.  Make comments☺.

    5. 8/9 of October   Notes and practice with conversations and 



    Turn in Trabajo de clase #2 el 10/11 de octubre for full credit.


    Sp I 2019: Spiral Classwork #1 - EP: Some of my best friends are

    going to come from this class.  I can just feel it☺!

    #     date                Spiral classwork

    1. 16/19 of Aug    "Explain" 15 words using 3 tools for circumlocution:

                                   Draw (Pictionary) 5, Act out (Charades) 5 and

                                   Describe (Headbands) 5. (Draw and label 15 words)

    2.  20/21 of Aug   Same as above, but use vocab from Etapa Preliminar,

                                   page 1-21.  Groups of Pinguinos (4). 

    3. 22/23 of Aug   Read the article about ice cream (lectura = a reading)

                             Write 5-10 Cognates and complete the handout (#1-#5)

    4. 26/27 of Aug  Read, Complete and Color pages 3-10 in the cognate

                                 packet (15 min).

    5. 28/29 of Aug  Read, Complete and Color pages 3-10 in the cognate

                                 packet (15 min).

    6. 30 of Aug /    Write the 3 Mnemonic devices for 20 Spanish speaking

                               Countries (My Gorilla...Victor can't...Every Child...)



    Sp I-2019: Spiral classwork - U3E3: What's the best weather for 

    all of your favorite activities?  Spanish is good in any weather☺!

    #     date                Spiral work

    1.  29/30 of April   a. pic. comment on the weather and activities

                                   b. create a 10 word vocab list (U3E3 p. 235)

    2.  1/2 of May        a. pics = the four seasons

                                   b. Create U3E3 vocab list #2 (10 words to study)

    3.  3/6 of May        a. "tener" Phrase video

                                    b. U3E3 "Notes" worksheet - side A

    4.  7/8 of May         a. vid = Sr. Jordan - Direct Object Pronouns 

                                    b. Make notes on notes (U3E3 note handout)

                                    c. Cinco de mayo info - 5-10 facts

    5.  9/10 of May       a. vid = El Yunque: How is it?

                                    b. Prep Speaking Final (sheet handout: U2E2)

                                    c. Song: Nada que perder (write interesting phrases)

    6. 13/14 of May      a.  video = el coquí

                                     b.  Speaking Final ( U2E3 / U3E1)

                                     c. Song: No importa la distancia (phrases / ideas)


    7. 15/16 of May      a. pic = test anxiety / nervous Spongebob ¿Como está?

                                    b. MC Practice Test (1-25) with 50+ notes

                                    c. Lecturas #1 and #2 / Writing Final practice

    8.  17/20 of May     a. pic = happy spongebob ¿Qué acaba de hacer?

                                     b. MC Practice (26-50) - 50+ notes

                                     c. Lecturas #3 and #4 / Writing Final practice

    9.  21/22 of May      a. pic = a sick person (¿Por qué está enfermo?)

                                      b. Lecturas #5 and #6

                                      c. Writing Final practice  

    Spiral U3E3 due May 23/24 for full credit                                          



    Sp I-2019: Spiral classwork - U3E2: Practicing sports is okay,

    but playing the game is exciting.  It's the same with Spanish☺!

    #     date                Spiral work

    1.  29 of March/      Write 10 commentaries about "Selena:" Her 

          8 of April           life, family, interests, goals and yours, too. 

    2.  9/10 of April  a. pic = Deportes

                               b. Lista #1 - 10 new vocab words from U3E2

                              c. 5-10 more phrases about "Selena."

    3. 11/12 of April   a. pic = baby - "No me entiendes"☺

                                   b. create List #2 of vocab from U3E2

                                   c. Apuntes: Jugar and "pensar"

                                   d. Finish Selena...didn't finish it:-(

    4. 15/16 of April   a. Socrates: "No sé nada" What I know and don't know

                                   b. Create List #3 of U3E2 vocab

                                   c. Apuntes: Saber and comparisons

                                   d. 5+ thoughts about Selena

    5. 17/18 of April  a.  pic = compare (twins or llama and fultbolist)

                                   b. Writing for the U3E2 Exam

                                    c. Selena observations

    6. 19/22 of April   a. pic = stakeboarding (Manny Santiago)

                                   b. Writing for the U3E2 Exam - Peer edit

    Spiral de U3E2 is due el 25/26 de abril for full credit.


    Sp I-2019: Spiral classwork - U3E1:  Ya gotta break some eggs

    to make an omelet. Allow speaking mistakes. Be a fearless speaker☺!  

    #     date                Spiral work

    1.  7/8 of March     Watch video on 10 Fun Facts of Puerto Rico. Write

                                    the 10 facts. Share with others (familia y amigos)!


    2.  11/12 of March Identify emociones (pics or real life: Cuando

                                   "tengo papas fritas", estoy "emocionado")


    3.  13/14 of Mar     a. Comment on Bomba y Plena  b. notes on

                                    estar + adj and acabar + de + infinitive. ¿Qué

                                    acabas de hacer?  Acabo de bailar B y P☺.

    4.  15/18 of Mar    1. pic - No te preocupes / Puerto Rico island

                                   2.  Vocab list #3 (U3E1)

                                   3.  Notes (venir p 179 and gustar 181)

    5.  19/20 of Mar   1. pic = baby just got a piercing (☺)

                                  2. "Tiempo libre" rap (5-10+ pairs)

    6.  21/22 of Mar   1. pic = Crush the turtle. ¿De dónde viene?

                                  2.  1 more Rap "stanza" (4 lines: where are you

                                  coming from, what you just did, do you like it,

                                  and how do you feel - see U3E1 vocab☺)

                                   3.  MC Test / Exam Writing

    Spiral de U3E1 is due el 27/28 de marzo for full credit.



    Sp I-2019: Spiral classwork - U2E3:  Let your speaking

                        resemble your writing...through practice☺!

    #     date                Spiral work

    1.  19/20 of Feb      1. pic = cold dog   2. Notes = p. 149/151

    2.  21/22 of Feb      1. pic = I make a sandwich 2. notes =

                                      p. 153 / 155.  3.  Mañana / Hoy Quiz!

    3. 25/26 of Feb        1. pic = Guitar player / Oscars 2. Using

                              handout, write 5+ places + copy 4 sentences


    Sp I-2019: Spiral classwork - U2E2: Let writing and reading...

                             ...improve your speaking and listening☺!

    *the date                 Trabajo del "Spiral" (in-class assignments)

    1. el 15/16 de enero           Write for 3-5 minutes (as much Spanish as possible) about

                                             the topics of the day: movies, football, family and activities of classmates.

                                             Be sure to get 2-3 "peer Revisions" to improve.


    2. el 17-18 de enero           "Describe the pic" - with as much Spanish as possible (3 minutes)

                                                     Write about where people go during school (get peer edited☺)

    3. el 22/23 de enero                 Write:  1. picture (cafetería  2.  notes (time)  and  3. times that people do things or go places

    4. el 24/25 de enero                Write (Read others) 1. picture clocks on page 128 and 2. The Book of life: times,

                                                       places, who is going where...etc

    5. el 28/29 de enero               Write / Read others:  1. pic - library  2. notes: Estar and Q words  3.  5 Q's Book of Life

    6. el 30/31 de enero               Write / Read:  1. pic - auditorium  2. 5-10 sentences from The Book of Life

    7. el 1/4 de febrero                 Write / Read:  1. pic - la clase de ciencias  2.  10 Q or A's from "horario" presentation

    8. el 5/6 de febereo                 Write / Read: 1. pic - la clase de computación (U2E2 Exam begins today)


    Spiral U2E2 is due el 7/8 de febrero (Thursday / Friday) for full credit (write about 1/2 page each day) 


    Sp I; Spiral classwork: U2E1

    #     the date       the Diario (in-class assignments)

    1. 6/7 of Dec Copy notes about “Verbs in Action” and “Adverbs of Frequency” (U2E1)

    2. 6/7 of Dec Write half to one page of note from U1E1 material: Questions and answers, pics, etc

    3. 10/11 of Dec Copy and discuss notes about obligations (U2E1)


    Sp I: Spiral classwork - U1E3

    #     the date       the Diario (in-class assignments)

    1. 13/14 of Nov Ramos family tree (10 sentences)

    2. 30 of Nov / 3 of Dec Play “Rey de la fila” (10-20 answers)

    3. 30/of Nov / 3 of Dec 5-10 facts about a Quinceañera


    Sp I    Diario Log #2.3 - Do Diarios realy help☺!  Find out!!

    #     the date       the Diario (in-class assignments)

    1.    9/10 of May         a.  Describe the problems of the characters in McFarland USA.

                                                What are they doing to resolve them?

                                         b.  How are the characters changing or growing?

                                         c.  How do hard work, good effort and kindness pay-off?

    2.   23/24 of May        Play Memory and write down the 4x4 box and 5+ clues and

                                         answers (weather vocab)

    3.   25/29 of May        Play Memory and write down the 4x4 box and 5+ clues and

                                        answers (U3E3 vocab)

    4.  25/29 of May        Create a list (10+) of vocab, grammar and culture that you

                                        don't know from the M. C. Practice Final

    5. 30/31 of May         a.  Complete the Extra Credit for the U3E3 abbrviated Exam

                                             weather phrases, tener expressions, DONouns to DOPro-

                                             nouns and Present Progressive.  


    Sp I    Diario Log #2.2 - Do Diarios real help☺!  Find out!!

    #        the date              the Diario (in-class assignments)

     1          8/9 of Mar                 a.  Write "10 Fun Facts" about Puerto Rico.

                                                    b.  How do you feel when...?  Use U3E1 vocab to say

                                                         how you feel in different situations.  5 Q and A's

    2.     16/17 of Mar                 Write a 3 paragraph rough draft for the writing portion of

                                                   the U3E1 Exam March 20/21.

    3.       11/12 of April              Draw and label at least 10 new words from the U3E2 list.


    4/5.  23/24 of April               Complete 2 games of battleship (front side and back side).

                                                   20 conjugations needed on the front and 10 needed on the


    Diario Log #2.2 is due 1st / 2nd of May for full credit

    Sp I    Diario Log #2.1 - Don't get sick. Do your Diarios☺!

    #          the date              the Diario (in-class assignments)

     1.     17/18 of Jan           Using the class copy of the sem. 1 M.C. Review,

                                             create 20+ NEW sentences based on the 19

                                             easy quetinos and 31 difficult questions.

    2.     2/5 of Feb                Talk about your school schedule with your classmates.

                                              Frist, write 5-10 facts about your schedule.  Then

                                              write 5-10 fact about your classmates schedule using

                                              U2E2 material

    3.    12/3 of Feb              Draw a scene using vocab from U2E3 (the park,

                                        at home, in a museum, etc).  Show your arstistic

                                         talent☺.  Use more than three vocab words.

    4.  26/27 of Feb          Use sequence words to join 2 or 3 activities in the

                                         future: ir + a + infinitive.  Create 3 sets. (Primero,

                                         entonces, antes de + inf, luego, después de + inf

                                         and por fin).  Add day, time, friends, info for fun.

    5.  26/27 of Feb          Say what people do and if they like it using U2E3

                                         verbs (6-10 sentences)

    Diario Log #2.2 is due el 28 of Feb / 1 of March for full credit.

    Sp I    Diario Log #2.3 - Hablar para divertirse! 4-Square Review☺!
      #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
    1.         11/12  May       Begin the 4-Square review of Spanish II: Complete
                                          the 4-square review (4 Q's and A's) of Etapa Preliminar.
    2.          11/12 May           Complete a 4-Square review for U1E1.
    3.         11/12 May            Complete a 4-Square review for U1E2.
    4.          11/12 May           Complete a 4-Square review for U1E3. 
    5.          11/12 May           Complete a 4-Square review for U2E1. 
    6.          11/12 May           Complete a 4-Square review for U2E2.
    7.          11/12 May           Complete a 4-Square review for U2E3.
    8.          11/12 May           Complete a 4-Square review for U3E1.
    9.          11/12 May           Complete a 4-Square review for U3E2.
    Diario Log #2.3 is due Wednesday / Thursday, May 17/18 for full credit. 
     Sp I    Diario Log #2.2 - Lucky! Diarios help me escuchar y hablar☺!
     #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
    1.         22/23 of Feb            Copy and answer 5 questions.  Then ask your classmate
                                               in preparation for the "Mi librito presentations.
    2.        22/23 of Feb       a. Make 5-10 corrections on the U2E2 Essay.  Then share
                                                them with a classmate. 
                                        b.  Describe "Tangled" picture (Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and
                                             Maxumus) for 3 minutes = 10-15 phrases (Spanish Questions,
                                             Spanish statements and English for what isn't known)
                                         c.  Creating questions for "alguien." 6 question words and
                                              many possible short questions.
    3.     3 of March                  Write "10 fun facts" about Puerto Rico:
    4.    7 of March                  Accepting and declining invitations: Make 3 invitations
                                              and accept them 3 different ways.  Make 3 new invitations
                                              and decline them 3 different ways 
    5.     5/6 of April             Classmate questionnaire: Ask 3-5 classmates about what
                                           sports they play (jugar + a + the sport) and 3-5 classmates
                                           what sports they know how to play (saber jugar). 
    Sp I    Diario Log #2.1 - January Showers bring floods of Diarios☺!
    #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
    1        11/13 of Jan                  "Speed friendshipping" - Describe yourself the share
                                                 with classmates for two minutes☺
    2.       17/18 of Jan                 Describing a pic for 2 minutes (Esteban, el futbolista)
    3.       19/20 of Jan                 Describing a pic for 3 minutes (Francisco no canta)
    4.       23/24 of Jan                 Describing a pic: 3 min (Paola, la estudiante)
    5.       23/24 of Jan                 Complete MP Escuchar pages 41-42 (acts 1, 3, 5 & 6)
    6.       26 of Jan                       Describe #4: video of "Me voy" by Julieta Venegas  
    Sp I - Diario Log #3 - Finally, a Diario Log to end all Diario Logs! 
     #      Date                        Diario (class work)
    1.  12/13 of May               Read about the cinco de mayo and  complete a 9
                                              question quiz.  Use complete thoughts☺. 
    2.  16/17 of May               Practicing DOP's and -ing's: Write 5 sentences with
                                              Direct Object Nouns and 5 with the DOPronoun.  Also
                                              write 5 present progressive sentences (estar = -ndo)
    3.  16/17 of May               Complete the U3E3 "Extra Credit:" 1. 5 weather phrases,
                                              5 tener phrases, 3. DOP's, 4. present progressive rules
    4. 24/25 of May                Pre-write the "Essay Final" - 3 paragraphs, follow the prompt.
    5.  26/27 of May                Make 10-15 questions for the Listening Final: 1. Intro, 2.
                                               Describe the picture, 3 Describe "beyond" the picture,
                                               ( something you can't see but is possible)
    Diario Log #2.3 is due Tues / Wed, el 31 de mayo / el 1 de junio for full credit 
    Spanish I - Diario Log #2.2 - Leprechauns are lucky 'cause they do Diarios☺! 
     #      Date                        Diario (class work)
    1.    7/8 of March        Write the "Extra Credit" for the U3E1 Exam: Estar + adj,
                                        acabar + de + inf., venir + de + the place and the
                                        IO Nouns + IO Pronouns + gusta = infinitive verb.
    2.   14/15 of April    Write 10 corrections from the U3E1 Essay.  Or write 10
                                       sentences from U3E1 material.  Or a combination of both. 
    3.  18/19 of April      Conjugate 9 verbs from U3E2 (e > ie verbs).  See the handout. 
    4.  20/21 of April      Complete the Battleship prep: conjugate 9 verbs from U3E2.
    5.  22/25 of April      Complete the "Extra Credit" for U3E2: 1 jugar, 2. saber,
                                       3. e-ie verbs, 4. comparisons.
    Turn in Diario Log #2.2 Tuesday / Wednesday of April (28th/29th) for full credit. 
    Spanish I - Diario Log #2.1 - Welcome to semester 2 
     #      Date                       
    1     19/20 of January         Complete the Time crossword (hand out - side 1
    2.    21/22 of January         Complete the 12 times (hand out - side 2)
    3.   29 of January /             Complete the U2E2 "Extra Credit" work: Ir,
           1 of February               Time, Estar and -ar verbs. 
    4.  18/19 of February          Make 10 corrections (error + correction) from 
                                                 the U2E2 essay.  Or write 10 sentences from the
                                                 model essay.  Or a combination of both☺ 
    5.  22/23 of  February         Copy the notes for writing the "Mi librito" Project. 
    Turn in Diario Log #2.1 for full credit el 3/4 of March (use them for Librito). 
    Sp I - Diario Log #2.4 - Get competitive...Complete all of your Diarios! 
      #          the date                   Diario (the in-class assignments)
      1.         22/23 of April          Write 20 commentaries about the video "Paulie"
                                                    using U3E2 grammar: jugar; e to ie verbs; saber;
                                                    and comparisons.
    2.        28/29 of April             Prepare "questions" for some U3E2 baseball games.
                                                   5-10 questions for singles (Spansih to English word)
                                                   doubles = English to Spanish word; triples are Spanish
                                                   phrases to English and Homeruns are English to Spanish
                                                   prases.  Play ball! 
    3.       4/5 of May             A.  Complete the 4 "charts" from U3E2: 1. Saber 2. Jugar
                                                           3. Perder and 4. ">" , "<" , "=". 
                                             B.  Write 10 words / phrases after listening to U3E2  "Escuchar"
                                                  Absent?  Write your 10 favorite words / phrases from U3E2! 
    4.   27/28 of May               Complete the "Cinco de mayo" quiz using a handout (class copy)
    Diario Log #2.4 is due Friday, May 29 / Monday, June 1st for full credit 
    Sp I - Diario Log #2.3 - ...as easy as laying on a Puerto Rican beach!
     #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
    1.     13/16 of March             Copy and Study "En una Mirada: U3E1" 
    2.     17/18 of March             Write 10 sentences from the U3E1 class model or
                                                   make 10 corrections from the U2E3 essay...or any
                                                   combination of the two. 
    3.   25/26 of March               A.  Complete the "Extra Credit" section for U3E1
                                                   B.  Write 10 words / phrases from Escuchar (U3E1) 
    4.  14/15 of April                  Copy, Complete and Study "En una Mirada: U3E2."
    5.  16/17 of April                   Create 2 games of tic-tac-toe using the verb "jugar."  
                                                   Translate all "questions as you play: juego = I play.
                                                    Play 4 games! 
    Diario Log #2.3 is due Monday / Tuesday, April 20 / 21 for full credit! 
    Sp I Diario Log #2.2 - Our pot of gold is completing diarios on time! 
    #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments) 
    1      11 /12 of Feb                Copy and Study "En una mirada - U2E3"
    2       19/20 of Feb                 Correct 10 mistakes from U2E2 essay or write
                                                   10 sentences (or a combo of the two) 
    3.     23/24 of Feb                  Play 2 games of battleship after conjugating
                                                  40 verbs (20 on each side) and translating the verbs
    4.   3/4 of March                  a.  Copy 6+ sentences from U2E3 essay
                                                 b.  Complete the "Extra Credit" for U2E3
                                                 c.  Escuchar: Write 10 words / phrases
    Sp I, Welcome 2015!   Diario Log #2.1 - Like "Annie" - I love ya, Diario!
    #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)                   

    1.     13/14 of January        A. Preview U2E2: Apply the vocab to your break:
                                                   Write 10 sentences using U2E2 vocab & English
                                                B.  Review semester 1: Create 3 sentences per Etapa
                                                     (EP to U2E1...5 etapas = 15 sentences) 
    2.     20/21 of January       Copy the "En una Mirada - U2E2" overview and
                                               study it☺!
    3.     22/23 of January        While watching "Selena," write 25 sentences based
                                               on U2E2 grammar points (1. ir; 2. time; 3 "at what time"
                                               4. estar (location) and 5. questions. 
    4.     30 of Jan / 2 of Feb    Copy 10 sentences from the U2E2 Model Essay
    5.   3/4 of Feb                     Complete the Extra Credit for the U2E2 Exam: I ir;
                                                II time;  III estar;  IV Question words. 
    Diaro Log #2.1 is Due Wednesday / Thursday, 17/18 of Feb for full credit. 
    Sp I - Diario Log #2.5 - Diarios are good to do in any weather!
    #     date                        the Diario
    1.      15/16 of May       Complete the "At a Glance" for U3E3 (pages 212-235).
                                         Get the "5 good questions" from a classmate of Sr. C.
    2.     21/22 of May         Complete the "cinco de mayo" quiz. If absent, write 10 facts
                                           about el cinco de mayo (Wikipedia...google search, etc)
    Sp I - Diario Log #2.4 - Stress less , Complete your Diarios in class!
    #      the date                the Diario (in-class assignments) 
    1.     17/18 of April       Write 10 corrected sentences from the U3E1 essay.
    2.     23/24 of April        Create an "En una mirada" for U3E2.  Include title,
                                           goals, grammar points, notas culturales, También
                                           se dice, vocab., & 5 good questions.
    3.     25/28 of April         A.  Read "En context" on pages 192-193, then answer
                                                 "preguntas personales" on page 193.
                                           B.  Read "En Vivo" on pages 194-195 and copy 10
                                                 sentences (look for jugar, saber, stem changing
                                                 verbs and comparison phrases)
    4.     29/30 of April         A.  Read the U3E2 Model essay & copy 10 sentences.
                                            B.  Escuchen U3E2 Exam "Escuchar" and write 10
                                                  phrases.  (Didn't hear it?  Create 10 phrases from
                                            C.  Complete the "extra credit" practice: 1. conjugate 
                                                 "Saber," 2. "Jugar," and 3. "pensar." 4. what do these
                                                 symbols mean: ">" ? - "<" ? and "=" ? (include the
                                                 the possiblitiy of comparing numbers)
    5.   7/8 of May                  Draw and label 15 words or phrases from the U3E3
                                              vocabulary list (page 135 of text)
    Diario Log #2.4 is due Friday / Monday (May 9/12) for full credit. 
    Sp I - Diario Log #2.3 - Leprechons abound: Your treasure = 100%
    #      the date                the Diario (in-class assignments) 
    1.        6/7 of March         Create an "At as Glance" for U3E1.  Include title, etapa
                                              goals, page for grammar notes, "notas culturales,"
                                              "también se dice" and vocab.  Also include 5 good
                                              questions from Sr. C.
    2.       12/13 of March       Create 10 correct sentences from the errors in the U2E3
                                              essay (3 paragraphs)
    3.       14/17 of March         Complete the Cooperative Quizzes for U3E1 (a handout)
    4.       7/8 of March         Create 5 "Invitations between friends."  include: A. the day it
                                               occurs; B the invitation: & C the answer w/ "estar + a feeling."
    5.       9/10 of April            A.  Copy / Create 10 sentences from the U3E1 Model Essay.
                                               B.  While listening to the "Escuchar" portion of the U3E1 Exam,
                                                      write 10 words or phrases.
    Diario Log #2.3 is due Friday / Monday, April 11 / 14 for full credit. 
    Sp I - Diario Log #2.2 - March Madness: 100% on your bracket /
    Diario Log!
    #      the date                the Diario (in-class assignments) 
    1     24/25 of February  Write 10 correct sentences from the U2E2 Essay
    2.    26/27 of Feb.          Write, translate and conjugate 16 verbs from U2E3
                                           Use handout.
    3.    28 of February /      Complete the Cooperative Quizzes (4) for U2E3 and
           3 of March               sing the "Yojo Rojo" song on back for help with
                                            irregular "yo" forms.
    4.    28 of February /      A.   Create / Copy 10 sentences for preparation for the
            3 of March                     U2E3 Essay.
                                            B.  Write 10 words / phrases while listening to "Escuchar"
                                                  from U2E3. Absent?  Copy 10 phrases from U2E3 in
                                                  the text or the workbook MP)
    5.   10/11 of March         Read pages 166-171 and answer the "Preguntas personales"
                                            on page 171.  Answer in complete sentences...no need to
                                            copy the question unless you want to do so.
    Diario Log #2.2 is due on 12/13 of March for full credit (24 participation points)
    Sp I, Welcome 2014! 
    Diario Log #2.1 - Unlike FROZEN, don't let it go!

    #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments) 
    1.     14/15 of January       What did you do over break?  Answer 6 questions with
                                                  30 answers.
    2.     16/17 of January         2A - Complete the "At a Glance" for U2E2 following the
                                                            model given in class.
                                                    2B - Answer the questions from "En context" on page 121.
    3.     23/24 of January         Write 10 correct sentences from the Semester 1 Final essay.
    4.     27/28 of January         Write 20 sentences while watching "Hercules" in Spanish.
                                                     a. Where are people going? (use forms of "ir")
                                                     b. Where are people at? (Use forms of "estar")
                                                     c.  Describe people
                                                     d.  Ask questions
    5.   4/5 of February             Complete the U2E2 Test Rehearsal  (Handout)
    Extra Credit (4 points)        Complete the 3 paragraph "fill-in" (on the back of Diario #5)
    6.  6/7 of February               Copy / rewrite 10 sentences from the U2E2 Essay Model 
    7.  6/7 of February               Write 10 words or phrases while to the listening portion of
                                                 the U2E2 Exam.
    8.   18/19 of February           Write the rough draft of two belated Valentine's.  Then transfer
                                                  the message to a Valentine that you cut out.
    9.  20/21 of February            Battleship - Game #1 (tener, pasear, etc) - translate verbs, give
                                                 endings, conjugate 16 verbs and play the game.
    10.  20/21 of February         Battleship - Game #2 (cenar, oír, etc) - translate verbs, give
                                                 endings, conjugate 16 verbs and play the game.
    Diario Log #2.1 is now complete...10will have to be okay.  It will be worth 44 pesos (4 for each
    diaro and 4 for the cover sheet!  For full credit must be turned in Feb 24/25 (A/B days).  Per. 3
    did not get Diario # 6, so your Log will be worth 40 points.
    Round 3!  Here is Diario Log #2.3 for Spanish I - Let this be the lucky one!
        #       Date                             Diario
       1.    the 14/15 of March      Complete the U3E1 Multiple Choice Exam, writing 20 sentences
                                                     or phrases...something you can study later.

       2.  the 18/19 of March       Write 10 (minimum) sentences from the U3E1 Essay (3 paragraphs)

       3.  the 22 of March /            Copy the 4 goals for U3E2 on page190. Read pages 192-193
             8 of April                         and answer the 5 "preguntas personales."   

       4.  the 9/10 of April            A.  Write and correct 10 errors or write 10 sentences
                                                          from U3E1 model essay.

       5.  the 17/18 of April         Conjugate and define 9 stem-changing verbs and play

       6.  the 19/22 of April          Complete the 4 Cooperative Quizzes for U3E2 using
                                                    MP pages as well as text pages 198, 199, 201 & 202.

       7.  the 9/10 of May               Write 3 paragraphs (1/2 page) about "Selena:" The
                                                      importance of 1. Family 2. being bilingual 3. Following
                                                      your dreams.  How do they relate to Selena AND you?? 

       8.  the 30 of April  /             Copy the title of U3E3 on page 212 along with the 5 goals.
                  6 of May                    Also, read pages 214-215 & answer the "?'s personales."

       9.   the 13/14 of May            Make 10 corrections on your U3E2 Essay or write 10 
                                                      sentences from the class "model."  Include the errors and
                                                       the corrections.

       10.  the 13/14 of May            Draw 20 "phrases" for the U3E3 vocabulary.  Example:
                                                        draw a person and a snowman...and write the caption: 
                                                       "Pablo tiene frío."    
    Round 2!  Here is Diario Log #2.2 for Spanish I 
       #       Date                             Diario   
     the 14/19 of February         Write 2 Valentines using the class model.  Create 2 rough drafts (to
                                                       be kept in your Diarios) and 2 final draphs, to be in the shape of hearts
                                                       and given to friends or family.  Use the handout for special phrases!
       2      the 14/19 of February         Complete the "-er / -ir "Battleship" game #1 (tener, etc) by defining all of
                                                                        the verbs, making 16 correct conjugations and playing the game. 
        3.         the 20/21 of February             Complete the "-er / -ir "Battleship" game #2 (cenar, etc) by defining all of
                                                                        the verbs, making 16 correct conjugations and playing the game.
       4.      the 20/21 of February       Rewrite the "model" Essay for U2E3 using your own interests.
       5.      the 22/25 of February      Choose one (A, B or C) To learn about culture; complete one for 4 points.
                                                    complete 2 for 6 points (+2 extra) and complete all 3 for 8 points (+4 extra)

        A.   Read pages 146 ("También se dice” and “Nota Cultural”) page 150 (tambien se dice) and page 152 (Nota  Cultural). Summarize one (A, B or C) Extra credit.. 6/4 pts  for 2, 8/4 for all 3   
    B.  Read pages 156-157 & answer questions 1-4 in sentences. 

                Match the answer with the right question       (Copy the Q & the A);

                #_Andan en bicicleta, practican deportes o   tocan un instrumento.

                #_Van a la escuela. Hacen mucha tarea.

                #_Va a un restaurante para el almuerzo.

                #_Van a los teatros, a los museos, a las tiendas y a los parques.

        C.  Read 158-159 and answer questions 1-5.

                Match the answer with the right question

                (Copy the Q & the A); Pages 158-159

                            #_El Palacio Nacional

                            #_Se llama Tenochtitlán

                            #_El Palacio Nacional está encima de las ruinas de un palacio azteca.

                            #_La Catedral y el Sagrario

                            #_Hay descubrimientos de los aztecas y la Piedra del Sol o el calendario azteca.

       6.      the 26/27 of February      Copy the Brief Review ofr U2E3 Exam.  There were 5 points; 1. ir a + infinitve,
                                                     2. 3 verbs that have irregular "Yo" forms, 3. -er / -ir verbs endings 4. conjugate
                                                     the verb "oír" and 5. Cultural info found throughout U2E3
       7.       the 28 of February /       Draw and label (in Spanish) 30 vocabulary words from U3E1.  Do not write the
                                                    English definition...let your picture be the definiton.  Multiple pictures for the same
                                                    word works best if it is an action word.

      8.        the 4/5 of March            Read pages 166-171.  Write the title and 5 goals of U3E1 (page 168) and 
                                                      answer the "Preguntas Personales" (5 or so questions on page 171) .
       9.       the 8/11 of March               Read pages 172-173 (En Vivo), then complete acts 1 and 2 on page 174.
                                                       Complete sentences, but 1/2 of the problems.  Complete act 3 orally with
                                                       a compañero...Not to be written...unless you really want to:-)
       10.       the 8/11 of March            Make 10 corrections on your U2E3 essay.  Write the error and the correction.
                                                      You may also write 10 senteces from the "Classrom Model" essay 
    Diario Log #2.2 is now due!  2 points extra credit if it is turned in when #10 is completed. 
    Full Credit next class (March 12/13).


    Welcome 2013!  Diario Log #2.1

       #            the date                  the Diario (in-class assignments) 
       1.           the 14/15 of January               Correct 20 problems on the Mult. Choice Final using complete
                                                                          sentences.  Understand why the answer is correct.  Correct 10
                                                                          problems if you missed 10 or less.
       2.           the 16/17 of January               A.  Read pages 118-121 in the text.  Write complete answers for the
                                                                         "Preguntas Personales" on page 121
                                                                         B.  Read your "Final" Essay.  Compare it to the "class model."  Rewrite
                                                                         or copy 10 good sentences.
       3.         the 18/22 of January                  Read pages 122-123
                                                                                  A.  Copy 10 good sentences...difficult ones that you need to study.
                                                                                  B.  Complete Activities 1, 2 and 3 (page 124) in complete sentences.
                                                                                        (1/2 of the problems is sufficient)
       4.         the 18/22 of January                  Presentations:  Create 5 (or more) questions to ask your classmate.  Then
                                                                          take turns asking each others questions.  Write the answers.
       5.         the 25/28 of January                  Complete the "Time" worksheet (Crossword and clocks).
       6.         the 25/28 of January                  Complete the Handout "Sp U2E2, ser, estar  ir, tener and gustar.
                                                                           These 3 paragraphs have 32 missing verbs that you must conjugate
                                                                           correctly.  They are also good practice for the U2E2 essay.
       7.         the 29/30 of January                     Complete the Test Rehearsal for U2E2 (Excellent preparation for the
                                                                             U2E2 Exam which is Jan. 31 and Feb 1, 2013).  Or, you may write the
                                                                            3 paragraph essay using my handouts (may not be taken home).
             If these Diarios are incomplete, they will be worth partial credit.
             If you want full credit, complete them correctly, even if they have to be done at home!
             Diario Log #2.1 is Due the day that #10 is assigned

    8.  the 4/5 of February               Create a picture dictionary (40+ words) from U2E3.  Draw
                                                                              and label your pictures (20 on one side, 20 on the other).  You may
                                                                              use English words (not the definition) as necessary or multiple pictures
                                                                               to clarify the meaning of the word. 
          9.  the 6/7 of February                             Correct 10 errors o copy 10 sentences from the Model Essay from U2E2.
                                                                               Include the error and the correction.  If you need to make-up your essay (a
                                                                               score less than 23/30 - 75%) can be brought up to 75% by rewriting it.  Copy
                                                                               the model essay and personalize it to fit "you."  Ask for help if needed.
          10. the 8/11 of February                         A.  Read text pages 140-143 and answer the "preguntas personales" on page 143.
                                                                             B.  Read pages 144-145 (En Vivo) and complete acts. 1 and 2 on page 146 using
                                                                                  complete sentences.
    Last year's (2012) Diario Log #2.1
       #      Date                                     Diario
     1&2   the 9/10 of January             Correct the essay Final and rewrite the 3 paragraphs
       3      the 11/12 of January            Read pages 118-121. Copy and Answer 5 questions
                                                              from p. 121
       4.     the 24/25 of January            Read pages 122-123 in the text and copy 10 "difficult"
       5.     the 24/25 of January            Copy / Answer / Translate 5 questions from U2E2. 
       6.     the 26/27 of January            In preparation of the U2E2 essay, write 3 paragraphs
                                                              based on the writing prompt and the overhead. 
        7     the 30/31 of January            Read handout about school life in Mexico and create
                                                              5 questions related to the content. 
       8.     the 9/10 of February             Read pages 140-3 in the text.  Copy and answer 5 (7)
                                                               questions.  Use your U2E3 vocabulary list!
       9.     the 9/10 of February              Read text pages 144-145.  Copy 10 sentences or
                                                                questions (the more difficult the better!)
       10.   the 16/17 of February            Rewrite your U2E2 3-paragraph essay if your
                                                                score = 0-20.  Otherwise make 10 corrections.                      
Last Modified on December 16, 2021