• Gracias, Nolan!

    Español II 2020: Classwork #2.3 (still U2E3) - In the big city (like DF),

    discuss with classmates family and friends what you "like" to do

    #      Date                 Classwork

    1.   28 of Feb       Take brief notes as classmates present their "Cuento

                                para niños (10-15 classmates).

    2.  3/4 of Mar     Comment on the short film "Cuerdas." Write a paragraph

                             about what you liked & why.  How does it apply to your life?

    3.  5/6 of Mar       2 Quizzes (shorter if you have homework/notes):

                               a. Write 5 (or 10) new vocab words / phrases to share/study

                               b. Write 5 (or 10) notes from classmates


    Español II 2020: Classwork #2.2 (still U2E2) - Tell the children's story

    you are creating to classmates, family, and friends.  Be bold☺!

    #      Date                 Classwork

    Q's for children's stories:

         info de fondo: ¿Quién era el personaje principal?  ¿Cómo era? ¿Qué hacía?

         La meta / el problema: ¿Qué quería? ¿Cuál era el problema? 

         Acción: ¿Qué hizo para lograr su meta or superar el problema?

         El resulatdo:  ¿Qué pasó al final?  ¿Cómo estaban todas?

    el 10/11 of Feb     Write 5-10 Valentine's Phrases (from the class list)

    el 12/13 of Feb     Complete a short quiz on Preterit and Imperfecto.

                                 "There was a turtle..." = ? (Había una tortuga)

    el 18/19 of Feb     Another Pret / Imp quiz: Progressive and "Pret or Imp?"

    el 20/21 of Feb     A third quiz on Pret and Imp: Read about the anniversary.


    Español II 2020: Classwork #2.1 (U2E2) - Classwork is a great time

    to practice what you want to say outside of class☺.  Talk to someone☺!

    #      Date                 Classwork
    1.  14/15 of Jan    From the 10 most difficult MC Final problems,
                                   write notes to help you learn from them and
                                   prep for a quiz (and to use this knowledge)
    2. 16/17 > 29/30    Listen to presentations about "break" and
          January          write 5-10 summaries (apodo, fact & a question).
    3. 23/24 of Jan     Create a personal 3x5 card: pic at 8 years old, 
                              school schedule; likes at school and home and goals
    4.  16/17 of Jan     Copy 2 lines of "Tu Sonrisa" by Elvis Crespo 
    5.  29/30 of Jan     Prep for the U2E2 Exam"
                                1.  "Escuchar" - write a few lines you understood
                                2. Read the "Lectura" - write a few lines, reaction
                                3. Grammar / Culture: progressive/past/Mex quake
                                4. Prep the Speaking part (answer 4 questions)
                                5. Writing about the past (How you were, a party, etc.)
    Trabajo de clase is due 4 /5 of Feb for full credit. 



    Sp II 2019: Classwork #5:  Classwork can be studied☺!

     #     date                Spiral classwork

    1. 4/5 of Dec     Write notes in Mas Practica pages 45 (short and long

                               possessive adjs) and page 47 (Imperfect tense)

    2. 4/5 of Dec     Play Jeopardy to review U2E1.  Write 5+ answers

                           and questions.  Write more notes: p 46 (Reflexive verbs)

    3. 11/12 of Dec   Review for the Mult. Choice Final by writing 10+

                                 phrases (vocab, grammar and cultural)

    4.  11/12 of Dec   Pre-write the Writing Final (4 paragraphs).  Use

                                  the handout. 

    "Trabajo de clase" is due Dec 13/16.  Show work to Sr. C.  Do not

    turn it in.  Keep it so you can use it to study for the Final.



    Sp II 2019: Classwork #4:  When classwork spills over into your life,

                                 and your life does the same...you've got something.

     #     date                Spiral classwork

    1. 12/13 de Nov   a. Play "2 truths and a lie" in groups of 4 (per 1/2 and 4).

                                  Write 10 sentences about what you learned about each


                                   b. Take a "Reverse" vocab quiz - Write 10 unknown words

                                   from the U1E3 list (p.95) and learn them (draw them...)

    2. 14/15 of Nov     a. Complete the "Nationalities" Worksheet (a>d)

                                   b. Complete the U1E3 vocab quiz on the back of the wkst.

    3.  18/19 of Nov    U1E3: ¿Viste las noticias? Write the topics to be under-

                                    in this Etapa

    Turn in Trabajo de clase el 22 de nov / 2 de diciembre for full credit☺.



    Sp II 2019: Spiral Classwork #3 - U1E2:  Classwork is completed in class,

    but it ought to stay on my mind long after leaving class☺!

    #     date                Spiral classwork

    1. 17/18 of Oct   Write notes on Irregular preterit verbos (p. 40/61)

    2.  21/22 of Oct      List characters of Coco (6-8).Think about Coco: What

                                did Miguel say and wantWhat did Miguel find out about

                                Great great abuela? (use irregular preterit - p.61 of text)

    3.  23/24 of Oct      Use irregular preterit and stem-changers to comment 

                                    on "Coco" (art, food, action)  What did they do?

                                    What do they prefer?  Be creative☺. 15+ sentences

    4.  29/30 of Oct     Eval #3 / U1E2 practice mc test.  Write 10+ answers plus

                                    anything that will help you with this material☺ and the

                                    3 paragraph writing about your cultural date night. 



    Sp II 2019: Spiral Classwork #2 - EP:  Classwork is completed in class,

    but it ought to stay on my mind long after leaving class☺!

    #     date                Spiral classwork

    1.  24/25 of Sept   Immersion PowerPoint: Write/apply and share

                                 2 (or more) topics. 1. Exps of Sr. C 2. Fail forward

                               3. Bilingual brain benies 4. Learning Sp in Sp.  5. Lower

                             anxiety 6. Social/Emotional Learning 7. Brain Science:

                            neuroplasticity 8 Circumlocution.

    2. 24/25 of Sept    Write your classmates' "apodos"...a good list.

                                   There will be a quiz on "apodos" (nicknames).

    3. 2/3 of October   Read, summarize and comment on the article about

                                    fires in the Amazon. Why is the Amazon important

                                    and what are the causes of the fires. 

    4. 2/3 of October   With 4 mariachi songs, write what happened or 

                                   what people did in the songs.  Make comments☺!

    5. 8/9 of October   Notes and practice with conversations and 

                                    presentations in the preterit.

     Turn in Trabajo de clase #2 el 10/11 de octubre for full credit.



    Sp II 2019: Spiral Classwork #1 - EP: Some of my best friends are

    going to come from this class.  I can just feel it☺!

    #     date                Spiral classwork

    1. 16/19 of Aug    "Explain" 15 words using 3 tools for circumlocution:

                                   Draw (Pictionary) 5, Act out (Charades) 5 and

                                   Describe (Headbands) 5. (Draw and label 15 words)

    2.  20/21 of Aug   Same as above, but use vocab from Etapa Preliminar,

                                   page 1-21.  Groups of Pinguinos (4). 

    3. 22/23 of Aug   Read the article about ice cream (lectura = a reading)

                             Write 5-10 Cognates and complete the handout (#1-#5)

    4. 26/27 of Aug  Read, Complete and Color pages 3-10 in the cognate

                                 packet (15 min).

    5. 28/29 of Aug  Read, Complete and Color pages 3-10 in the cognate

                                 packet (15 min).

    6. 30 of Aug /    Write the 3 Mnemonic devices for 20 Spanish speaking

         3 of Sept        Countries (My Gorilla...Victor can't...Every Child...)



    Sp II-2019: Spiral classwork - U3E2: If doing chores lead to

    fun activites, then let's get 'em done☺!

    #     date                Spiral work

    1.  29/30 of April   a.  discuss pic: la playa (actividades, ropa, etc.)

                                   b.  Make a vocab list of 10 words (U3E2) to study

    2.  1/2 of May        a. pics = Chores

                                   b. Create U3E2 vocab lista #2 (10 words to study)

    3.  3/6 of May        a. piñata commands (Tú commands)

                                    b. Tó command worksheet - side A

    4.  7/8 of May         a. pic = Chores: How do you do your chores?

                                    b. complete U3E2 vocab (side B of handout)

                                    c. Cinco de mayo info - 5-10 facts

    5.  9/10 of May       a. pic = Manatee How do they do stuff? (Adverbs)

                                    b. Prep Speaking Final (1/2 sheet handout: U2E2)

                                    c. Song: Ven conmigo (write tú commands)

    6. 13/14 of May      a.  video = el Yunque                                 

                                    b.  Speaking Final ( U2E3)

             c. Song: No me des falsas esperanzas (phrases / ideas) 

    7. 15/16 of May      a. pic = test anxiety / nervous Spongebob ¿Como está?                                               b. MC Practice Test (1-25) with 50+ notes                                                                     c. Lecturas #1 / Writing Final practice

    8.  17/20 of May     a. pic = happy spongebob ¿Qué acaba de hacer?                                                          b. MC Practice (26-50) - 50+ notes                                                                                c. Lecturas #2 / Writing Final practice

    9.  21/22 of May      a. pic = a sick person (¿Por qué está enfermo?)                                                           b. Lecturas #3

                                     c. Writing Final practice  

    Spiral U3E3 due May 23/24 for full credit





    Sp II-2019: Spiral classwork - U3E1: Exercising and eating

    nutritiously is good.  Being healthy and happy is the payoff☺!

    Spanish is a lot like that☺!

    #     date                Spiral work

    1.  29 of March    Write 10 commentaries about "Night at the

                            Museum:" Preterit, Imperfect, present, progressive,

                             IOP's, DOP's.  Why is this story so good???

    2.  9/10 of April  a. pic = comida saludable vs comida no saludable

                               b. Lista #1 - 10 new vocab words from U3E1

                              c. 5-10 more phrases about "Night at the Museum."

    3. 11/12 of April   a. pic = smurf brushing teeth & boy se despierta mal

                                   b. create List #2 of vocab from U3E2

                                   c. Apuntes: DOP's and reflexive verbs

                                   d. Finish Noche en el museo...didn't finish it:-(

    4. 15/16 of April   a. commands like a drill Sargeant

                                   b. Create List #3 of U3E2 vocab

                                   c. Apuntes: Ud. and Uds. commands (+ and -)

                                   d. 5+ thoughts about Noche en el museo

    5. 17/18 of April  a.  pic = como entrenar a tu dragón

                                   b. Writing for the U3E1 Exam

                                    c. Noche en el museo - observations

    6. 19/22 of April   a. pic = guy and girl in daily routine 

                                   b. Writing for the U3E1 Exam - Peer edit

    Spiral de U3E1 is due el 25/26 de abril for full credit.

    Sp II-2019: Spiral classwork - U2E3:  Ya gotta break some eggs

    to make an omelet. Allow speaking mistakes. Be a fearless speaker☺!  

    #     date                Spiral work

    1.  7/8 of March     Watch video on El palacio de Bellas artes and write

                                    about what you saw and thought (3-5 minutes). 

                                    Share with others!

    2. 11/12 of March   a.  pic = lots of plates of food  

                                     b. Food that you want (DOP's) and Food that I give

                                     to others (IOP's)

                                     c. Vocab list #1 (U2E3)

    3. 13/14 of March  a.  pic = Night at the Musuem

                                    b. Vocab list #2 (U2E3)

                                    c.  Notes: DOP's (p. 152) and IOP's (p. 154)

    4. 15/18 of March  a. pic = Teotihucán video (what do you think?

                                    b. Vocab list #3

                                    c.  Notes: Double Object Pronouns (p. 157)

    5.  19/20 of March  a. pic = Chilaquiles (yummy dish)

                                     b. Restaurant rap - 5-10+ "pairs" of sentences

    6.21/22 of March     a. plays / works of the teater (comments)

                                      b. Another rap ("verbs like gustar or ?)

                                      c.  Finish MC Test / Short Exam paragraphs

    Spiral Logs are due 27/28 of March for full credit.


    Sp II-2019: Spiral classwork - U2E3:  Let your speaking

                resemble your writing...through practice☺!

    #     date                Spiral work

    1.  19/20 of Feb      1. pic = dog on water   2. classmates stories

    2.  21/22 of Feb      1. pic = Fantastic Mr. Fox 2. Brief summary

                                     of "Tío Zorro" story (5-10 sentences)

    3. 25/26 of Feb      1. pic = Popo & Izta (summarize story)

    4. 27/28 of Feb      1. pic = Duck or boy fishing (create a short story) 

    5. 1/4 of March      1. Write 10+ facts and questions about story


                                    2.  Write several phrases from Selena's "512"

                                     song in preterit and imperfect.

    6.  5/6 of March     Write a reflection about your "Cuento para niños."

                                    What was good?  What did you learn? etc

    Spiral Logs are due 7/8 of March for full credit.

    Sp II: Spiral classwork - U2E2: Let writing and reading...

                             ...improve your speaking and listening☺!

    *the date                 Trabajo del "Spiral" (in-class assignments)

    1. el 15/16 de enero     Write for 3+ minutes (as much Spanish as possible) about

                                       the topics of the day: movies, football, family and activities of

                                       classmates.  Be sure to get 2-3 "peer Revisions" to improve.

    2. el 17-18 de enero     1. "Describe the pic" - with as much Spanish as possible (3 minutes)

                              2.  Write brief notes about the Progressive tenses (present / past).

                       3. Write about prepping a party & what people are "doing" (get peer edited☺)

    3. el 22/23 de enero      Write: 1. picture (p. 123),  2.  notes  and  3. Use transitional words.

    4. el 24/25 de enero      Write:    1. picture (p125)  2.  Use Preterite and Imperfect to Describe "The                                                    Book of Life" and share your opinions...¿Qué te gustó?

    5. el 28/29 de enero      Write / Read others:  1. pic - U2E2  2. earthquake  3.  3-5 sentences

                                        to make a small story (beginning, middle, end)

    6. el 30/31 de enero       Write / Read others:  1. romper la piñata  2.  5-10 sent: Book of Life

    7. el 1/4 de febrero        Write / Read others:  1. pic - "Había un vez..."  2.  10 sent from

                                          presentations of the "Cuento breve"

    8. el 5/6 de febrero          Write / Read others: 1. pic big-eyed Cat "¿Qué está haciendo?"

    Spiral U2E2 is due el 7/8 de febrero (Thurs/Fri) for full credit (write about 1/2 page each day) 

    Esp II - Spiral classwork: U2E1

    #     the date       the work (in-class assignments)

    1.  6/7 of Dec   Notes on Possessive adjectives (mío, tuyo, etc) see

                               page 108)

    2.  6/7 of Dec   Write half to 1 page of notes on U1E1 (Review for Final).

                              Include 2-3 sentences, a "Q" and a picture for each topic.

                               Build comments that have context and evoke emotion☺.

    3.  10/11 of Dec   Write note on the imperfect tense.  What is it?  What does 

                                   it do?  How do you form it?  See page 112

    4.  12/13 of Dec   Write a 4 paragraph roughdraft of your Final "Essay."

                                   Make personal references to add interest.

     Spiral Work for U1E3 and U2E1 are due Wed / Thurs for full credit

    Esp II - Spiral classwork: U1E3

    1  13/14 of Nov   Discuss "la muerte" (Stan Lee, Coco,

                                 a pet and some one personal)

    2.  15/16 of Nov   a. Notes: verbs that change in the preterit

                                  (see pages 84-85)

                                   b.  Write a critique on "Coco."  Comment on

                                         the film, the characters, day of the dead,

                                         the music, the culture, etc

    3.  29/30 of Nov   Write 5 to 10 facts about newspapers (p. 88-

                                  89) and Miami (p. 90-91).

    4.  30 of Nov /       Play "Rey de la fila" with U1E3 questions.

         3 of Dec             Write 10-20 answers to questions.  

    Sp I    Diario Log #2.3 - Do Diarios realy help☺?  Find out!!

    #     the date       the Diario (in-class assignments)

    1.    9/10 of May    a. Describe the problems of the characters in McFarland

                                       USA. What are they doing to resolve them?
                                   b.  How are the characters changing or growing?
                                   c.  How do hard work, good effort and kindness pay-off?
    2.  23/24 of May    Play "Command baseball-Total Bases."  Get 2+ commands
                                   correct in each of the 4 columns (single to Homerun).
    3.  25/29 of May    Complete the Ud / Uds / and Tú commands in "Sillas
                                    Musicales" (the the back of "Command Baseball).
    4.  25/29 of May     Create a list 10 minimum) of things you don't know from
                                     the M.C. Practice Test.
    5.  30/31 of May     a.  Extra credit for the small Exam for U3E2: + Tú commands,
                                     Chores, -Tú commands and adverbs.
                                     b.  Write 1 or 2 paragraphs from the Final Exam Writing
                                     prompt.  Peer edit classmates paragraphs.
    Diario Log #2.3 is due June 5/6 (Tuesday / Wednesday) for full credit.  With
    80% of better, this Diario Log score will replace a bad one with 75%.
    Sp II    Diario Log #2.2 - Do Diarios really help☺! Find out!!
    #          the date              the Diario (in-class assignments)
     1.      2/5 of Mar       What are 10 talking points of the 1985 earthquake
      in Mexico City (Sept 19 at 7:17 AM)?
    2.      6/7 of Mar        Write a list of verbs (5+) that take IOP's and  / or
                                       DOP's.  Use the "List of 81 verbs" handout.  Now write
                                       some Q and A's  (5-10) using IOP's and DOP's.
    Example:  ¿Porqué das azucar a Dr. P?  ¿Se lo doy porque le fascina!
    Remeber "lelo is a bobo" - "Se" takes the place of "le" or "les" in double OP's
    to make it sound better☺
    3.     16/17 of Mar     Write Paragraphs #3 and #4 for the Exam "Excritura."
                                       #3 = What happened in the restaurante (DOP's, IOP's
                                                leading to Double OP's)
                                       #4 = What happened after? A play? A movie???
    4.     19/20 of Apr      Draw an label 5+ vocab words / phrases from U3E1.
                                        Give Ustedes commands to your pics.
                                        Make a little story out of it for more fun☺!
    5.    19/20 of April     Play command "béisbol" and get  at least 8 correct
                                        answers.  The more the better! 
    Diario Log #2.2 is due, finally, the 1st/2nd of May for full credit.
    Sp II    Diario Log #2.1 - Don't get sick. Do your Diarios☺!
    #          the date              the Diario (in-class assignments)
    1.     17/18 of Jan           Using the sem. 1 M.C. Final, create 20+ NEW
                                            sentences based on the easy questinos and
                                            difficult questions.   
    2.     2/5 of Feb              Worksheet: Complete the story, "Los buenos amigos"
                                            and side 2, Preterit and Imperfect for stories.
    3.     6/7 of Feb             Begin the storytelling project by writing a brief outline.
                                           Include background info for the beginning, a problem
                                           and action for the middle and a feelings and a resolution
                                           for the end.  Keep it brief and 8-10 short sentences!
    4.     22/23 of Feb          While listening to the children's stories, write one word
                                            that you hear (prerterit, imperfect and progressive) from
                                            each story...20-30 words.
    5.     26/27 of Feb          Complete the U2E2 Prueba de práctica: preterit, imperfect,
                                            and progressive.  Get at least 20 answers!
    Diario Log #2.1 is now due.  Have it in by 28 of Feb / 1 of March for full credit!
    Sp II    Diario Log #2.3 - Hablar para divertirse! 4-Square Review☺!
    #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
    1.         9  May                  Begin the 4-Square review of Spanish II: Complete
    the 4-square review (4 Q's and A's) of Etapa Preliminar.
    2.        9 May                     Complete a 4-Square review for U1E1.
    3.         11 MayComplete a 4-Square review for U1E2.
    4.          11 May                 Complete a 4-Square review for U1E3.
    5.          11 May                 Complete a 4-Square review for U2E1. 
     Sp II    Diario Log #2.1 - Leprechauns and Diarios are both lucky☺!
     #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
    1.        16 of March       A review of the comprehension questions for the Children's
                                           Story: 1. ¿Cómo se llamaba tu cuento?  ¿Cómo eran los
                                           personajes?  ¿Qué pasó? ¿Cómo se sentían al final? 
    2.        22 of March       Describe "Tangled" (Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and Maxamus)
                                        for 3 minutes (Spanish questions, statements and English).
                                        There needs to be 10-15 phrases for full credit. 
    3.        10 of March        a.  Complete 3 exercises (minimum) from the DOP / IOP /
                                              Double Object Pronoun worksheet.  
                14 of March       b. Complete the U2E3 Mult. Choice Quiz.  Write out 10+ 
                                              questions and answers. 
    4.        16 of March      U2E3 Speaking practice using IOP's , DOP'S and Double Object
                                        Pronouns.  Complete 2 or 3 minimum.
    5.       7 April        Use Ud. and Uds. commands to help teachers and friends:
                                  a.  Complete handout of 25 "command" situations.
                                  b.  Create 10+ situations that call for commands.  Use vocab with a
                                        variety of commands...10+ (positive, negative, with and w/o
    Sp II    Diario Log #2.1 - January Showers bring floods of Diarios☺!
    #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
    1         11 of Jan                  "Speed friendshipping" - Describe yourself the share
                                                 with classmates for two minutes☺
    2.       17 of Jan                     Describing a pic for 2 minutes (Samuel the cook)
    3.      19 of Jan                     Describing a pic for 3 minutes (Maria y Sara)
    4.      23 of Jan                     Describing a pic: 3 min (vacuuming guy)
    5.     23 of Jan                       Complete MP Escuchar pages 49-50 (acts 1, 3...) 
    6.    25 of Jan                        Describing a video Using U2E2 material (Me voy)
    7.    8 of Feb                         Describing a video for 3 min. Popocatépetl and
                                                Iztaccíhuatl" http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=popo+e+itza+danza&view=detail&mid=C41EE46A6E38C4282FD7C41EE46A
    Diario Log #2.1 is due Wed (full credit + 1 peso☺) or Friday for full credit. 
    Sp II    Diario Log #2.3 - April Showers bring May Diarios☺!
    #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments) 


    1.  26/27 of April               Complete the "Extra Credit" for U3E1:
                                                 1. Ud commands, 2 Uds commands,
                                                 3. Commands & Pronouns, 4. Irregs 
    2.  12/13 of May                  Read about 'el cinco de mayo" and answer
                                                 9 questions.
    3.  16/17 of May                  Practice + and - Tú commands.  First give 5 + Tú
                                                 commands.  then give their "-" equivalent. 
    4.  18/19 of May                  Complete the 3 sections of the "Extra Credit" for
                                                 U3E2: + tú commands, - tú commands and adverbs.
    5.  24/25 of May                  Write or copy the 4 paragraph Final Essay for practice.
    6.  26/27 of May               Create 10-15 questions for the Speaking Final: 1. Intro,
                                               2. describe the picture, 3. What happened before?
    Diario Log #2.3 is due 31 of May / 1 of June for full credit. 
    Sp II    Diario Log #2.2 - Leprchons do Diarios for good luck☺!
    #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments) 
    1       18/19 of February    Story telling notes: take notes on 10-15 stories (author,
                                               title, main character, preterit and imperfect) 
    2.      22/23 of February      Write what you know about the Preterit, Imperfect and 
                                                 the Progressive tenses.  Use this info to create a 3x5 card
                                                 to be used on the U2E2 exam (Feb 24/24). 
    3.      7/8 of March               Create 10 drawings of Double Object Pronouns in use.
                                                 Ex. 1 - He serves the potatoes to the students
                                                 Ex. 2 - We gave the dirty napkins to the waiter.
    4.    15/16 of March            a.  Complete the "extra credit" for the U2E3 Exam
                                                     (DOP's, IOP's and Double OP's)
                                                 b.  Write a rough draft for the U2E3 Exam Essay. 
    5.   15/16 of April       a.  Create 20 commands from Baseball handout:
                                             5 singles, 5 doubles, 5 triples and 5 "honrones"
                                        b.  Create 5 commands for teachers (Ud.) & 5 for friends (Uds) 
    *Earn 2 pesos by writing 10 errors and the corrections from the Children's Story! 
    Sp II Welcome 2016!   Diario Log #2.1 - The Force can help with Diarios☺!
    #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
    1     19/20 of January         Complete "Verbos revueltos"  (hand out - side 1)
    2.    21/22 of January         Complete the crossword - Preterit and Imperfect
                                                 (handout - side 2)
    3.   25/26 of January            From the handout, complete "mi viaje a Zambia" in 
                                                 the preterit tense.
    4.   2/3 of February            From the handout (side 2) complete 6 sentences: ¿Qué
                                                 hacías? or ¿Qué estabas haciendo? Use the Imperfect &
                                                 the Past Progressive tenses. (A las dos, yo bailaba)
    5.  10/11 of February          Complete the "Irregular verb" handout (side 1) the "El
                                                  Mono Jorge" paragraph.
    Diario Log #2.1 is due February 16/17 for full credit. 


    Sp II - Diario Log #2.4 - Finish your chores and Go to the beach! 
       #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
       1.        22/26 of May            Complete the "Cinco de mayo" Quiz using the 
                                                    handout (class copy)
    Sp II - Diario Log #2.3 - Health and Fitness...and Diarios in Puerto Rico! 
      #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
    1.          14/15 of April           Copy, Complete and Study "En una Mirada: U3E1." 
    2.         16/17 of April            Create a tic-tac-toe game w/ examples of "Pronoun
                                                   Placement."  Play two games.  Translate all answers.  
    3.        22/23 of April              Write 20 sentences, commenting on the movie, "De
                                                    Regreso a Casa" (Homeward Bound).  Use the grammar
                                                    concepts from U3E1.
    4.        28/29 of April             Read the U3E1 notes (handout) and complete 20 commands
                                                   (see the backside of the handout)
    5.       5/6 of May                  A.  Complete the "Extra Creidt" for U3E1.
                                                  B.  Write 10 words / phrases from "Ecuchar" of U3E1.
                                                        Absent? Write the words / phrases from U3E1 vocab list. 
    Diario Log #2.3 is due Friday / Monday, 8 / 11 of May for full credit! 
    Sp II - Diario Log #2.2 - Restaurants, movies, theaters...and Diarios!  All good! 
     #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
    1.       4/5 of March              Write 20 errors & corrections from the Children's story.
    2.       6/9 of March               Copy and study "En una mirada: U2E3)
    3.      12/13 of March            Write 10+ comments on Children's stories readings.  Use
                                                   the "verbs like gustar" from U2E3 vocab. 
    4.     17/18 of March               Complete half of both sides of the IOP / DOP handout 
    5.     20 of March                     A.  Write 10 sentences to prep for the U2E3 Essay.
                                                    B.  Complete the U2E3 "Extra Credit" 
                                                    C.  Write 10 phrases from U2E3 "Escuchar." 
    Diario Log #2.2 is due Thursday, April 14/15 for full credit. 
    Sp II - Welcome 2015!   Diario Log #2.1 - Like "Annie" - I love ya, Diario!

    #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments) 
    1.     13/14 of January        A. Preview U2E2: Apply the vocab to your break:
                                                   Write 10 sentences using U2E2 vocab & English
                                                B.  Review semester 1: Create 3 sentences per Etapa
                                                     (EP to U2E1...5 etapas = 15 sentences) 
    2.    15/16 of January           Copy "En una Mirada de U2E2."  Then use it to study
                                                 and check your understanding of U2E2☺ 
    3.    22/23 of January           While watching "La Misma Luna" write 25 sentences
                                                 based on U2E2 grammar (1. present progressive,
                                                 2. past progressive, 3. Preterit, 4. Imperfect 5. both
                                                 Preterit and Imperfect in the same sentence.
    4.   19 of Feb                         Write 15 commentaries on classmates Children's
    5.  25/26 of Feb                     a. Complete "Extra Credit " prep for U2E2 Exam
                                                   b. Write 10 phrases from the "Listening" from U2E2
    Diario Log #2.1 is due Wed / Thurs (25/26 of Feb) for full credit. 
    Sp II - Diario Log #2.5 - Chores or Beach? Both! Diarios or Tarea? BOTH!!
    #     date                        the Diario
    1.   13/14 of May          Complete the "At a Glance" for U3E2 (pages 194-215).
                                         Get the "5 good questions" from a classmate of Sr. C.
    2.   14 of May                Complete 20 "tú commands" from the Baseball handout.
                                          (this is on the backside of the Ud/Uds. handout)
    3.   19/20 of May            Read and answer questions from "Lecturas para el Final"
                                           (Readings for the Final - Handout).  Include at least 3
                                           answers for each of the 3 readings (9 total minimum).
    4.   21/22 de Mayo         Complete the prueba for "el cinco de mayo."     
    Sp II - Diario Log #2.4...Nothin' but blue skies & complete Diarios ahead!
     #     the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
     1     21/22 of April            A.  Read "En context" on pages 174-175 and answer
                                                    "preguntas personales" in complete sentences.
                                               B.  Use the handout to prepare to play charades / baseball
    2.    25/28 of April               A.  Read "En vivo" (page 176-177) and write 10 sentences. Note
                                                     which sentences have the following; a. pronouns, b. Commands,
                                                     and c. Reflexives.
                                                B.  Read "En voces" on pages 188-189 and write 5 facts about
                                                       Puerto Rico.
    3.   29/30 of April                Complete the "Test Rehearsal" for U3E1 (a handout).
    4.   29/30 of April                  A.  Read the model essay for U3E1 and copy / create 10 sentences.
                                                  B.  Listen to the U3E1 Exam and write 10 phrases.
                                                  C.  Complete the "extra credit" for U3E1: a. 3 Ud. commands,
                                                        b. 3 Uds. commands, c. 3 commands with pronouns and
                                                        d. the 5 irregular commands from U3E1.
    5.  7/8 of May                        Draw and identify 15 words / phrases from the U3E2 vocab. list.
    Diario Log #2.4 is due Friday / Monday (May 9/12) for full credit.
    Sp II - Diario Log #2.3 - Luck is great, but we don't need it to complete Diarios! 
      #     the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
    1.  19/21 of March                        A.  Read the U2E3 model essay and write 5 "a/b" sentences.
                                                                       ("a" = with IO's / DO's and "b" = with IOP's and DOP's)
                                                                  B.  Listening to the 'Listen" portion of the U2E3 Exam and write 10+
                                                                        words of phrases in Spanish that you hear.
    2.   20/21 of March                              Extra credit prep. for the U2E3 Exam:
                                                                   A.  list all DOP's         B. List all IOP's
                                                                   C.  list 6 verbs that take IOP's & / or DOP's
                                                                   D.  List 5 combinations of Double Object Pronouns
    3.   9/10 of April                                    A.  Watch "El Chavo del Ocho, episode 1" and answer, "Who hits whom."
                                                                         At least 4 people hit each other. 
                                                                   B.  Using U3E1 vocabulary, draw and label 15 words / phrases.

    4. 14/16 of April                                    Write 10 correct sentences using your Essay from U2E3
    5  17/18 of April                                    Complete the "En una Mirada" for U3E1
    Diario Log #2.3 is due Monday / Tuesday, April 21/22 for full credit...Yea!
    Sp II,  Diario #2.2 - Top o' the morning to ye! Earn 100%!
     #     the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments)
     1.    24/25 of February     Create a "En una Mirada" for U2E3 by writing the title of the etapa,
                                              the 3 goals, the 3 grammar points and the pages and titles for
                                              "notas culturales," "También se dice" and special vocabulary .
     2.    26/27 of February     Write 10 correct sentences from U2E2 essay
     3.    28 de February         A.  Read pages 146-147 and answer the 6 "Preguntas
                                              B.  Read pages 148-149 & Copy 10 sentences / phrases
                                                   with IOP's / DOP'S  or even double object pronouns
                                              C.  Write 5 sentences using "Apuntes breves" on
                                                    verbs like "Gustar."  It could be fun!
    4.   10/11 of March                 Write 20 sentences (a and b) - first with the IO and DO, then
                                               with the IOP and DOP with a little more...example:
                                                1a.   Yo le pido los tacos a usted.
                                                  b.   Yo se los pido porque me encantan los tacos.
    5.   14/17 of March            A.  Read the Lectura ("reading") from the U2E3 exam and create
                                                    5 questions (IO's &/or DO's) and 5 answers (IOP's &/or DOP's)
                                                    to help understand it.
                                               B.  Read either p. 160-1 (Teotihuacán) or p. 162-3 (Mexican food)
                                                     and make 5 comments using verbs like "gustar" (see page 155
                                                     in the text).
    Diario Log #2.2 is due March 19 for period 1.  Period 2 has the CASHEE Exam, it will be due
    March 21 for you. 
    Sp II, Welcome 2014!  Diario Log #2.1 - Unlike "FROZEN", don't let it go!

     #          the date                   the Diario (in-class assignments) 
    1.    14/15 of January      What did you do over break?  Answer 6 questions with
                                                  30 answers.
    2.    16/17 of January       2A - Complete the "At a Glance" for U2E2 following the
                                                            model given in class.
                                             2B - Answer the questions from "En context" on page 125.
    3.    23/24 of January       Write 10 correct sentences from the Semester 1 Final essay.
    4.     27/28 of January         Write 20 sentences while watching "Hercules" in Spanish.
                                                     a. Progressive tenses (present and past)
                                                          1. What are they doing at a certain time?
                                                          2. What were they doing during an "event" or "time." 
                                                     b. Preterit - Who did what? 
                                                     c.  Imperfect - Describe the situation / person in the past
    5.  31 of Jan / 3 of Feb       Complete Battleship: Irregular verbs  verbs. #1 Translate 10 verbs,
                                               #2 Write the verb endings, #3 Conjugate 20 verbs, #4 Play - 10 min.
    6.   4/5 of February              Complete Battleship: Imperfect Reflexive as Diario # 5 (See #5 - 
                                                 write the reflexive
    Pronouns somewhere).
    7.   18/19 of February           Write the rough draft of two belated Valentine's.  Then transfer
                                                  the message to a Valentine that you cut out.            
    8.  18/19 of February            Copy 10 sentences from the U2E2 essay model.
    9.  20/21 of February              Listen and write 10 words / phrases from "Escuchar" on U2E2
    10.  20/21 of February            Take an Imperfect / Preterit Quiz - 10 verbs into the 2 tenses
    Diario Log #2.1 is now due for full credit on Monday, Feb 24 and Tuesday,
    Feb 25 (A and B days).  Turn it in later for 10% off each day late.
    Diario Log #2.3 for Sp II: complete your diarios correctly!
        #      Date                           Diario (in-class assignments)

       1.    the 14/15 of March    Complete the Command worksheet on back of
                                                   of "Apuntes U3E1."  These include all types of 
                                                   commands (tú, Ud. Uds, positive and negative)

       2.    the 18/19 of March    A.  Complete the Mult. Choice test (1-20) 
                                                  with 10 "phrases or sentences"

                                                   B.  What are 10 of the U3E1 prompt ?'s

        3.  the 22 of March /            Copy the 4 goals for U3E2 on page192. Read pages
             April  8                            196-7 and answer the 4 "preguntas personales."    

       4.  the 9/10 of April            A.  Write and correct 10 errors or write 10 sentences
                                                          from U3E1 essay.

                                                    B.  Write notes of Affirmative "tú" commands
                                                          (see page 202 of text - include irregulars)

       5.  the 15/16 of April            Complete the Cooperative Quizzes for U3E1 in
                                                       preparation for another test on U3E1

       6.  the 11/12 of April            Define 18 and Conjugate 9 Reflexive verbs, and play

       7.  the 19/ 22 de April            Complete and play "Command Baseball."

       8.  the 30/ 6 (CST testing)   Copy the title of U3E3 on page 216 along with the 3 goals.
                 April / May                    Also, read pages 218-219 & answer the "?'s personales." 
       9.  the 29/ 6(CST testing)   Write 3 paragraphs (1/2 page) about "Dance w/ me:" The
                  April / May                 importance of 1. Family 2. Music and Dance 3. Following
                                                     your dreams.  How do they relate to "Rafael" AND you??
       10.  the 9/10 of May               Make 10 corrections on the U3E3 Essay or write 10 
                                                      sentences from the "model" essay (or some combination
                                                       of the 2...5 corrections and 5 sentences).                            

    Diario Log #2.2 for Sp II - February is a lovely month to correctly complete all of your diarios!
       #      Date                           Diario (in-class assignments)
       1.   the 14/19 of February          Complete handout #1 on Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns (front and back).
                                                              "33 Trick or Treat"
       2.   the 14/19 of February     Write 2 Valentines using the class model.  Create 2 rough drafts (to
                                                              be kept in your Diarios) and 2 final draphs, to be in the shape of hearts
                                                              and given to friends or family.  Use the handout for special phrases!
       3.    the 20/21 of February         Complete handout #2 on Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns (front and back)
                                                              "Pronombres de objetos directos y Objetos Indirectos"
       4.   the 20/21 of February      Using the U2E3 Essay prompt, write an outline for a 3 paragraph essay (dining
                                                                 experience).  P1 = background in...with whom, where, why, at what time, type of
                                                  restaurant, special occasion???  P2 = Waiter's name and service, food choices
                                                  and reasons, was it good, etc  P3 = after eating, movies or theater, type of movie/
                                                  play, more activities, time of return.  Remember to use U2E3 vocab, DOP's, IOP's,
                                                                 and verbs like gustar!
        5.    the 22/25 of February         Learn culture by doing the following:
                                                                A.  Read the Notas Culturales - pp151-2 and 156 and "También se dice" on p. 158 and write
                                                                      a short summary.
                                                                B.  Read "En Voces" on pages 160-161 and answer 4 questions with compete sentences.
                                                                C . Read "En Colores" (try not to get hungry) and answer 4 of the questions with complete
       6.      the 26/27 of February      Copy the Brief Review of U2E3 Exam.  There were 4 points; #1. DOP's, #2. IOP's
                                                             and Double Object Pronouns #3.  Verbs that act like "gustar"  and #4. 9 verbs that take
                                                             IOP's and DOP's.  
       7.       the 28 of February /       Draw and label (in Spanish) 20 vocabulary words from U3E1.  Do not write the
                                                           English definition...let your picture be the definiton.  Multiple pictures for the same
                                                           word works best if it is an action word. 
        8.        the 4/5 of March            Read pages 170-175.  Write the title and 3 goals of U3E1 (page 170) and 
                                                            answer the "Preguntas Personales" (4 or so questions on page 171) .
       9.       the 8/11 of March               Read pages 176-177 (En Vivo), then complete acts 1 and 2 on page 178.
                                                             Complete sentences, but 1/2 of the problems.  Complete act 3 orally with
                                                             a compañero...Not to be written...unless you really want to:-)
       10.       the 8/11 of March            Make 10 corrections on your U2E3 essay.  Write the errors and the corrections.
                                                            You may also write 10 senteces from the "Classrom Model" essay. 
    Diario Log #2.2 is now due!  2 points extra credit if it is turned in when #10 is completed. 
    Full Credit next class (March 12/13).


     Welcome Spanish II students to 2013! - Diario Log #2.1
       #      Date                                       Diario (in-class assignments)
       1.     the 14/15 of January      Presentations:  Create at least 5 questions to find out what your
                                                                 classmates did over break.  Write down their answers.
       2.    the 16/17 of January      A. Read pages 122-125 with a classmate.  Answer the "Preguntas
                                                                personales" on page 125.
                                                                B.  Read your Final Essay and the model essay.  Rewrite or copy
                                                                10 good sentences.
       3.   the 18/22 of January        Read pages 126-128 of the text (En Vivo).
                                                                A.  Copy 10 difficult sentences...label them present tense, preterit
                                                               or imperfect (-aba, -ía)
                                                               B.  Complete activities 1, 2 and 3 on pages 128-129 with complete
                                                                sentences - (1/2 of the problems is suffcient)
       4.   the 18/22 of January         Correct at least 10 errors from the Multiple Choice Final.  (Check out
                                                                   your scantron and a Final Exam if you are absent) 
       5.  the 25/28 of January            Complete both sides of the Preterite/Imperfect handout, "Mi viaje a
                                                                    Zambia," and using both forms of the Imperfect with time (Comía = I
                                                                 used to eat, I ate or I was eating, and Estaba Comiendo = I was eating).
       6.  the 25/28 of January            Complete both sides of the worksheet, ("Práctica con verbos irregulares
                                                     en el pretérito" with 28 sentences y "El Mono Jorge").
       7.  the 28/28 of January            Complete the backside of the "Preterit vs. Imperfect" handout.  The 20
                                                                    sentences ask you to choose the correct tense, to conjugate correctly
                                                                    and to give the correct rule...justify your answer.
             If these Diarios are incomplete, they will be worth partial credit.
             If you want full credit, complete them correctly, even if they have to be done at home!
             Diario Log #2.1 is Due the day that #10 is assigned. 
       8.  the 4/5 of February              Create a picture dictionary (40+ words) from U2E3 (p. 167).  Draw
                                                                       and label your pictures (20 on one side, 20 on the other).  You may
                                                                       use English words (not the defination) as necessay or multiple pictures
                                                                        to clarify the meaning of the word. 
     9.  the 6/7 of February                    Correct 10 errors or copy 10 sentences from the Model Essay from U2E2.
                                                                 Include the errors and the corrections.  If you need to make-up your essay (a
                                                                 score less than 30/40 - 75%) can be brought up to 75% by rewriting it.  Copy
                                                                 the model essay and personalize it to fit "you."  Ask for help if needed.
       10.  the 8/11 of February               A.  Read pages 144-147 of the text and answer the "Preguntas Personales"
                                                                         on page 147 using complete sentences.
                                                                 B.  Read pages 148 and 149 of the text and then complete acts 1 and 2 using
                                                                       complete sentences. 
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