• About Shivela Middle School

    Description of Campus  

    Approximate Enrollment: 1,228 

    Shivela Middle School serves students in grades six through eight with a full range of programs including Band, Choir, ASB, Photography, Drama, Yearbook, at-risk intervention programs and a wide variety of clubs and activities. 

    Shivela Middle School opened in 1990. The school has 58 classrooms, a multipurpose room, two computer labs, a library, a kitchen, a covered lunch area, library, cafeteria, administrative offices, a gymnasium, athletic fields, and a track.  

    Instructional Goals and Programs 

    Shivela Middle School students attend an academically challenging six-period school day. The curriculum centers on the core areas of language arts, math, social studies and science closely aligned with state standards and enhanced by physical education and exploratory courses. The expectation for all students, including students belonging to groups that are traditionally under-represented, is that they will attend college as a logical extension of the academic start they received at Shivela. Regular classes, advanced classes in the core subjects, and intervention classes to improve basic skills are all designed to improve our students’ opportunities for success in high school and college. 


    Shivela Middle School opened in September 1990 with sixth and seventh grade students. Murrieta Valley High School also opened their first freshman class on the Shivela campus in 1990, before moving to their current campus in September of 1991. Shivela was the first and only middle school in Murrieta until July of 1994.

    Shivela has had an exciting time since it first opened. Not only did Shivela host MVHS for a year but we also hosted Thompson Middle School for a year and a half when they first opened. We went to a multi-track year-round program in July of 1992 and stayed with that very trying and challenging program for eight years. In August of 2000, the district changed to a common calendar, similar to a traditional school calendar, for the school year.

    Shivela opened with two relocatable offices, a staff lounge/workroom, relocatable restrooms, locker rooms, multi-purpose room and twenty-six classrooms, eventually expanding to fifty-one relocatable classrooms. We moved into our new, permanent Physical Education building, referred to as "The Cage" in 1996. After many years of waiting for state and local funding, Shivela's permanent campus was completed and dedicated in April of 1998.

    Shivela, an Indian word meaning Sycamore Tree, was chosen by the school board in recognition of the many Native American tribes that inhabited our valley. Our mascot, the Panther, was chosen by a vote of the first students who attended Shivela. You will notice that the Panther head is always facing to the right, significant of our goal to always move in the right direction. The school colors are teal, gray, black and white. The first students also chose the school colors.

    Shivela was recognized as a California Distinguished School in May of 2001. Our staff is very proud of this honor, as it recognizes the tremendous efforts that everyone makes to provide a positive learning environment for our students. 

    Feeder Schools 

    Elementary Schools: Antelope Hills, Avaxat, E. Hale Curran, and Rail Ranch
    High Schools: Murrieta Mesa and Vista Murrieta
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