• Exploratory Teachers

    Conrad – Theatre Arts, Intro to Film, Broadcasting

    Davidson – Beginning, Cadet, Intermediate, Symphonic, Jazz Bands

    Davis – Beginning & Advanced Photography

    Gaber – Beginning Robotics

    Hogan – Panther Pack (not spelled that way, I think)

    Jones – Zero period STEM, Yearbook

    Lemasters – Senate

    McAllaster – AVID

    Palencia – Intro to Photography

    Pyde – Advanced Robotics, Intro to Robotics

    Rice – Spanish, AVID

    Sebastian – Intro to Business, Transitions

    Seto – Stats Football (that might be an abbreviation)

    Spencer – Renaissance

    Steer – WEB

    Tikasingh – Choir, Strings, Intro to Music

    Villemure – Art

    Wethers – ASB

    Please refer to individual teacher websites for specific course information. 

Last Modified on October 16, 2019