• Community Service


    STUDENTS:  Community Service is a graduation requirement for all MMHS students to complete (40) hours of Community Service at an approved Non-Profit Agency.
    Looking for volunteers?  If your organization would like to offer community service to our students, please email Mrs. Isbell your contact information, a flyer and/or a brief summary which provides details regarding the event logistics and duties expected of volunteers.
    Students can only earn their (40) hours of required community service at a NON-PROFIT Organization.  If approved, your event will be advertised on our web-site and announced in our daily bulletin to our students.  

    Non-profit groups in Murrieta and the surrounding communities are holding the doors wide open for volunteers. There's no better time than to seek out opportunities to volunteer. Get the search started, download the Murrieta Volunteer Guide at www.americantowns.com/ca/murrieta-make-a-difference.

    Community Service Hours during COVID-19
    Murrieta Mesa recognizes that during these odd times completing community service may be difficult to impossible

    Some ideas for you:

    1.  Reach out to the non for profit organization you participated with before the 2020 Pandemic.
      1. Boy Scouts
      2. Girl Scouts
      3. YMCA
      4. Boys and Girls Club
      5. Animal Friends of the Valley
      6. Friday Night Lights
      7. MYSL
      8. AYSO
      9. Murrieta Pony Baseball
      10. Murrieta National Little League
      11. Murrieta Pop Warner Football
      12. MYBL
      13. Church/Temple/Religious Youth Groups
      14. City of Murrieta Recreation Center
    2. Ask them if you can assist their programs virtually (ideas)
      1. Make a promotional video 
      2. Spread good news/vibes through your community
      3. Create an educational video for younger children to learn techniques or a skill
    In addition, the following is a list of popular Community Service Opportunities
    On-Going - Animal Rescue Kompany (A.R.K.)
    The Animal Rescue Kompany, also known as A.R.K., needs volunteers at their pet adoption events every Saturday and Sunday at the Murrieta Petsmart.  Pick up an A.R.K. information flyer in the counseling office if you are interested or call Megan Juric, the volunteer coordinator, at 951/240-8758 or email meganofark@gmail.com.  Website link - Animal Rescue Kompany (ARK)
    On-Going - Santa Rosa Plateau "Team Stream"
    High school students can earn community service hours at the Santa Rosa Plateau Eco Reserve through Team Stream.  This organization, run by the Reserve Manager, Carole Bell meets alternating Saturdays, 8 am – noon.  Contact Carole Bell at cbell@tnc.orgfor details.
    On-Going - Promise Church
    Promise Church and Preschool is in need of volunteers to help with sign twirling from 3-6pm on certain days.  If you are interested, please contact the church at 951/600-8201 and speak with Laura.
    On-Going - Tovashal Elementary
    Earn community service hours by helping Tovashal Elementary with their recycling of Juice Pouches.  Volunteers are needed any day before 2:00pm on a regular, weekly basis. Contact Megan Sollie if you are interested.  Email Megan at midnightdesign@verizon.net.

    On-Going - Kaiser Permanente

    Do you like bringing a smile to someone's face? Do you enjoy helping others? Then you're just the type of person we're looking for to become a Kaiser Permanente volunteer. At our Riverside Medical Center, volunteers answer members' questions and help them find their way around the medical campus. As a volunteer, you'll play an important role in making our members feel at ease.  If you speak Spanish, we'd especially like to hear from you! Volunteer today and feel good helping others feel the same. For information, call (951) 353-3613 or e-mail us at: Sharon.L.Perry@kp.org.


    On-Going - "Get on the Bus"

    Get on the Bus is a program of The Center for Restorative Justice Works, a non profit organization that unites children, families and communities separated by crime and the criminal justice system.  Volunteers are always needed to help organize fundraising events to support this organization OR help out at the actual event.  Visit http://www.getonthebus.us/index.php for more details on how you can sign up and volunteer to help.


    On-Going - Valley Blood Service

    25115 Madison Avenue, Ste. 105, Murrieta, CA 92562.  Student volunteers for the year to work in the Canteen.    The hours would be 10 – 2pm (on our early days, which are Friday and Saturday) or 12 – 4pm (on our late days, which are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).   The volunteer can bring homework, a book to read or something to occupy their time unless there are donors to help in the canteen. They will also have a list of other things that they can help with like filing, answering phones, making appointments, getting blood bags ready and other odd jobs to occupy their time if it is not too busy. Contact Sue Forster, Account Marketing Manager at (951) 696-4067 or mobile phone (951) 514-9135, sforster@valleybloodservices.org, visit www.valleybloodservices.org.


    On-Going - Child Development Center at Avaxat Elementary

    Anytime Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.  Location:  24300 Las Brisas Road, North.  Non-child care duties:  filing, odd jobs around center; Child-care duties:  assists staff caring for children 6 weeks through 4 years.  Contact Julie Hoang- 696-1600 ext 2189.


    On-going - Ruff House Rescue

    Ruff House Rescue is a great way for students to earn 2-hours of community service for each day that they are in the care of an animal as a foster caregiver.  We are in need of reliable foster families to care for our animals until they are adopted.  This would include; taking an animal home, caring for it, and giving it love until we find it a forever home.  For this service the student would earn 2 hours/day that the animal in the student’s home.  If you are interested in becoming a "foster parent", please call Darcee or Kayla Fletcher at 951/677-3441 or visit our facility at 36068 Hidden Springs #C 164, Wildomar, CA  92595.
    On-going - Community Outreach Team - Feeds the Hungry
    Students can get up to 4 hours on a Saturday delivery day.  This involves unloading the truck, stacking boxes and carring boxes to peoples cars.  Other jobs are putting up and taking down the signs, EZup and banners.  Boys and Girls are welcome - we can train them to take orders, check inventory and helping with sorting donated foods and cleanup.  Email Chris Wocosky at ccvtreasurebox@yahoo.com or call at 951 - 505-7011.


    On-going - MVUSD Elementary Schools Student Enrichment & Extended Day Programs

    Anytime Monday through Friday 6:30-6:00 p.m.  Days:  Student Enrichment and Extended Day.  Locations:  All elementary school locations.  Duties:  Child Care- assists staff with tutoring and other after school activities.  Contact Lori Chamberlain 696-1600 ext 2173.  Current MVUSD Community Service Opportunities

    On-going - Dorland Mountain Arts Colony 

    Trail Maintenance, photography and video creation, data entry, graphic design, recycling.  For more information click here.

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