• The purpose of suicide prevention is to decrease the stigma around mental health and increase suicide prevention awareness. A component of increasing awareness is understanding mental health and substance-use disorders while celebrating recovery. Help build resilience by encouraging help-seeking conversations in our community! Check out these resources and activities to spread the message about suicide prevention, emotional resiliency, recovery, and hope.   


    Suicide can be prevented. Some phrases may be difficult to say to a loved one, but when it comes to suicide prevention, it is highly important. You can help by taking the following actions:   

    • Know the Signs: Most people who are considering suicide show some warning signs or signals of their intentions. Learn to recognize these warning signs and how to respond to them by visiting the Know the Signs website. 

    • Find the Words: If you are concerned about someone, ask them directly if they are thinking about suicide. Being direct provides an opportunity for them to open up and talk about their distress and will not suggest the idea to them if they aren’t already thinking about it. The “Find the Words” section of the Know the Signs  website suggests ways to start the conversation.   

    • Reach Out: You are not alone in this. Before having a conversation, become familiar with some resources to offer to the person you are concerned about. Visit the Reach Out section of California’s Suicide Prevention Campaign website to identify where you can find help for your friend or loved one.   


    • Improve Your Mood 
      Music is an outlet that has been found to improve your mood. In fact, research has found that people listen to music to achieve self-awareness, social relatedness, and arousal and mood regulation. Check out this uplifting playlist or create your own and share with others! 
    • Soothing Art  
      The act of coloring is more than just a fun break from the stress of daily life, it can be very beneficial for your mental and emotional health. 
    • Reach Out 
      Take time to reach out to others in your life and let them know you care and are thinking about them by sending them a Care Card. 
    • Directing Change Screening 
      Grab the popcorn and check out the amazing videos created by Riverside County youth in this statewide film contest. These short videos feature Public Service Announcements on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. Find them all at Directing Change CA Films. Click on the image below to see a Directing Change Video created by MVHS students.   
    • Attitude of Gratitude 
      There have been multiple studies on the link between gratitude and well-being. Research confirms that gratitude effectively increases happiness and can reduce depression. By working at shifting our mindset to one of gratitude, we can improve our well-being. Start a gratitude jar! Write down messages of hope and what you are grateful for. 


    When someone takes their own life, people react differently. Those who did not know the person very well may not be affected, while close friends or family members may experience a great deal of sadness.  If you observe any behavioral or emotional changes in your child following the death of a friend or family member, it may be an indication that he or she is having difficulty coping.  

    1-800-TLC-TEEN (1-800-852-8336) or 310-855-HOPE (310-855-4673) Nightly 6:00 pm-10:00 pm (pst) 

    Visit Up2Riverside to find inspirational stories of recovery and learn about resources.     

     You can also make an anonymous call to 988  the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, a 24-hour, toll-free suicide prevention service.   



Last Modified on February 6, 2024