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WellNews September 2021

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  • September is national suicide prevention month. The purpose of having a month dedicated to suicide prevention is to decrease the stigma around mental health and increase suicide prevention awareness. A component of increasing awareness is understanding mental health and substance use disorders while celebrating recovery. Help build resilience by encouraging help-seeking conversations in our community! We have included resources and activities to spread the message about suicide prevention, emotional resiliency, recovery, and hope.  

    Suicide Prevention Activity Tip Sheet (Links to an external site.) 

    Know the Signs (Links to an external site.) 

    Riverside County Suicide Prevention Awareness and National Recovery month September Activity Calendar (Links to an external site.) 

    3rd place winner of the Directing Change video contest (Links to an external site.) (Murrieta Valley High School) 

    Suicide can be prevented. Many of us have been touched by the tragedy of suicide. We may have lost someone close to us or been moved by the loss of someone we may have never met. Suicide can be prevented; you can help by taking the following actions:  

    • Find the Words: If you are concerned about someone, ask them directly if they are thinking about suicide. This can be difficult to do but being direct provides an opportunity for them to open up and talk about their distress and will not suggest the idea to them if they aren’t already thinking about it. The “Find the Words” section of the Know the Signs web site (www.suicideispreventable.org (Links to an external site.)) suggests ways to start the conversation.  
    • Reach Out: You are not alone in this. Before having the conversation, become familiar with some resources to offer to the person you are concerned about. Visit the Reach Out section of California’s Suicide Prevention campaign web site (www.suicideispreventable.org (Links to an external site.)) to identify where you can find help for your friend or loved one.  



    Local Suicide Crisis Line:  (951)686-HELP 

    COVID-19 Info Line:  2-1-1 

    RUHS-Behavioral Health Access Line: 1(800)706-7500  

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1(800)273-TALK 


    Hand SI

    Reach Out For Recovery

    Take time this week to reach out to others in your life and let them know you care and are thinking about them. Animated message cards and cards to print and mail can be found here. Send a Get Well Card.  Find more Social Media Images to share as well.

    Share Suicide Prevention Resources

    Share about the many available resources. Visit Up2Riverside to find inspirational stories of recovery and learn about resources.  


    Movie Night – Substance Abuse Recovery

    In early recovery, many people feel like they suddenly have a lot of free time that they aren’t sure how to fill. Movies can be a great way to stay entertained for a couple of hours…and there is no shortage of films that are recovery oriented, and even inspirational. For some great addiction and recovery movies to add to your queue visit Practical Recovery



    Hope, Resilience & Recovery Virtual Training Coming Soon...






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