• Pathway Pin Guidelines

    Murrieta Mesa Performing Arts Pathway



    Band / Color Guard /Orchestra


    • Participate in Band/Orchestra/Color Guard/Percussion for 4 years.
    • No academic or Behavioral Referrals
    • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 in Pathway courses


    Choral Music

    • 3 years of courses in the Choral Music program
    • Earned a ‘B’ or better in ALL Pathway courses
    • No Academic or Behavioral Referrals


    • Earn a “B” or higher in all Pathway courses
    • Complete 3 years of Drama Courses (Minimum)


    • Complete 3 full years in the Dance classes offered:
        • Dance I
        • Dance II
        • Advanced Dance/Choreography
    • B or higher in Pathway courses
    • No academic or behavioral referrals


    Murrieta Mesa Medical Pathway


    • Completion of 4 Medical Pathway classes
    • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 with no D’s or F’s in pathway classes. No Administrative Referrals during time in program.
    • No “U” on Semester Grades

    Murrieta Mesa Business/Culinary Pathway

    • Maintain a 3.0 GPA in the pathway courses.
    • Complete at least 2 of the courses listed in Business/ Culinary Pathway
    • For Culinary Pin—students must complete 2 Culinary classes.
    • No Academic or Behavioral Referrals


    Murrieta Mesa Liberal Studies Pathway

    • Students must complete a minimum of 4 Liberal Study Courses
    • Students must maintain an overall academic GPA 3.0 or higher
    • Students may not have any D or F’s in any classes
    • Students may not have any Academic or Behavioral Referrals
    • Minimum 2 Extra Curricular Activities (Ex: Clubs, Leadership Classes, Athletic Teams, Drama, etc.) *Each Extra Curricular activity must have been for 1 year/1 Season—for a total of 2 years or 2 athletic seasons


    Murrieta Mesa Visual & Digital Media Arts Pathway

    • Complete three classes offered in the Visual and Digital Media Arts Pathway
    • Completion of a level II course is required.
    • Grade requirement - B grade minimum in the Visual & Digital Media Arts Pathway Courses.


    Murrieta Mesa Environmental Engineering

    • Complete Three of the nine Engineering/Drafting/Programming Classes offered
      • Environmental Engineering I
      • Environmental Engineering II
      • Robotics
      • Our Sustainable Future
      • Cyber Security
      • Computer Science
      • Game Design
      • AP Computer Science
    • Maintain 2.5 or higher GPA in the Engineering Pathway Courses














    Pathway Pin Requirements


    Visual and Performing Arts

    Visual Arts

    Performing Arts







    Art I and Design   

    Studio Art                       

    AP Studio Art                                                                                                     

    Adv. Drawing & Painting

    AP Art History 

    Ceramics I                                                                                     

    Ceramics II                    


    Adv. TV Digital

    Graphic Design I, II

    Multimedia I, II, III                                                                                        

    Video Game Design                                                                                                                                                                                                Video Production    

    TV Digital

    Web Design & Development


    Yearbook Design

    Drama I

    Drama II

    Drama III

    Drama IV

    Tech Theater I

    Tech Theater II


    Adv. Marching Band

    Adv. Concert Orchestra

    MSJC Dual Enroll Music 100

    Wind Ensemble

    Concert Band

    *Performance Corps (Color Guard)

    Advanced Chamber

    Advanced Chorale

    Women’s Ensemble

    Men’s Ensemble


    Dance I

    Dance II

    Adv. Dance III


































    Additional Pathway Requirements

    *See Application

    *See Application


    *See Application

    *See Application


    *See Application



    Accounting I

    Business Principles & Management 

    Sports & Ent. Marketing

    RCOE Culinology

    RCOE Adv. Culinary Arts

    RCOE International Cuisine

    Intro to Design and Media Arts    




    Web design and development


    Yearbook Design


    Exploring Computer Science

    AP Computer Science Principals


    Environmental Engineering I 

    Environmental Engineering II 

    Environmental Engineering III Our Sustainable Future

    Environmental Engineering IV Robotics and Automation


    Additional Requirements

    Additional Requirements

    *See Application

    *See Application



    Liberal Studies

    Health Careers I

    Health Careers II

    Medical Biology

    Medical Chemistry

    Medical Terminology

    Life Guard   

    Sports Medicine 

    Advanced Sports Medicine   


    AP Psychology 


    Advanced Biomed

    AP Biology

    Academic Seminar                                   NJROTC I, II, III, IV

    Academic Tutor                                       USB Leadership  

    AVID 9, 10, 11                                        Student Senate 

    AVID Senior Seminar                             Link Crew 

    Beast                                                        Renaissance                                                    

    Cinema as Literature                           

    AP Human Geography

    AP Macroeconomics


    AP Psychology 

    Additional Requirements

    Additional Requirements

    *See Application

    *See Application









Last Modified on August 29, 2023