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    College Scholarships
    Name Date Updated on web page Download Deadline
    Portuguese Descent Scholarship March 6, 2020 https://www.palcus.org/scholarship July 31, 2020
    $40,000 Edison International scholarships April 6, 2020 https://energized.edison.com/edison-scholars-2020-applications-open December 16, 2020
    RCAEOP Scholarship April 6, 2020 http://www.rcaeop.org/forms.html January 31, 2020
    Julia's Learning Foundation Scholarship April 6, 2020 https://www.juliaslearningfoundation.org/scholarships July 1, 2020
    Semper Fidelis All American Program for current Juniors 11/1/2018 Click Here 1/12/2020
    Nurse.org Scholarship 10-29-19 Click Here 06-15-19
    Gosch Ford Temecula 10/8/2018 Click Here 3/1/2019
    Scholarships for Student CareGivers 10/30/2018 Click Here 12/31/2018
    Elks National Foundation and State Scholarships 10/29/2019 Click Here 11/5/2019
    Comcast Scholarship 10/29/2019 Click Here 12/6/2019
    Essay Contest / Ayn Rand's Anthem 10/2/2018 Click Here 1/15/2019
    Discover Student Loans Sweepstakes 10/2/2018 Click Here 1/31/2019
    VFW Youth Scholarship 10/2/2018 Click Here 10/31/2018
    Getting Real About Distracted Driving Scholarship 10/2/2018 Click Here 12/31/2018
    Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship 10/2/2018 Click Here 3/1/2019
    Rover 10/2/2018 Click Here 5/1/2019
    Cal Coast Cares Foundation High School 04-06-20 calcoastcu.org 04-30-20
    �Sisters of Temecula Valley Scholarship �03-07-17 Click Here 3/31/2017
    �The Mortgage Report Scholarship �02-15-18 Click Here �01-29-18
    �Aspiring Nurse Scholarship �02-15-18 Click Here �08-31-18
    �CAEOP Scholarship �02-15-18 Click Here �12-11-17
    �Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program �02-15-18 Click Here� 6/14/2018
    �2016 Disability Scholarship Program �02-15-18 Click Here 8/1/2018
    �BURGER KING Scholars program �02-15-18 Click Here �Opens 10/15-12/15 Yearly
    �Horatio Alger Scholarship �02-15-18 Click Here �Opens 8/1/18-10/25/18
    Trade and Vocational Scholarships 
    Work Ethic Scholarship Program  06-05-18 Click Here  Look here April 2, 2019

    Scholarships for Latinos - MALDEF  

    Please search for scholarships via one of the methods below:

    Nasa Internship - Click Here
    Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities - Click Here 
    Leadership Academy at Mercy College - Click Here  
    Financial Aide
    California State University Scholarships (Fill out after completing CSU Mentor Application)

    Bakersfield (California State University, Bakersfield) Click Here

    Channel Islands (California State University ChannelIslands) Click Here

    Chico (California State University, Chico) Click Here

    Dominguez Hills (California State University, DominguezHills) Click Here

    East Bay (California State University, East Bay) Click Here

    Fresno (California State University, Fresno) Click Here

    Fullerton (California State University, Fullerton) Click Here

    Humboldt (Humboldt State University) Click Here

    Long Beach (California State University, Long Beach) Click Here

    Los Angeles (California State University, Los Angeles) Click Here

    Maritime (California Maritime Academy) Click Here

    Monterey Bay (California State University, Monterey Bay) Click Here

    Northridge (California State University, Northridge) Click Here

    Pomona (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona) Click Here

    Sacramento (California State University, Sacramento) Click Here

    San Bernardino (California State University, San Bernardino) Click Here

    San Diego (San Diego State University) Click Here

    San Francisco (San Francisco State Univeristy) Click Here

    San Jose (San Jose State Univeristy) Click Here

    San Luis Obispo (California Polytechnic State University,San Luis Obispo) Click Here

    San Marcos (California State University, San Marcos) Click Here

    Sonoma (California State University, Sonoma) Click Here

    Stanislaus (California State University, Stanislaus) Click Here

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