• On Wednesday, October 16, 2019 Murrieta Mesa High School hosted College and Career Kick-Off.  A Riverside County initiative to provide resources to students as they look beyond high school to their future. 


    Seniors had the opportunity to apply for their FSA ID, start their FAFSA, apply to colleges, learn about the military, learn about community colleges, hear from professionals working in their respective fields, and take their senior panoramic photo.


    Juniors took the ASVAB, the PSAT 11, or heard from professionals at Job Corps or from the work force.


    Sophomores took the PSAT. 


    Freshman attended four workshops – College 101, Stress Management, Options, and Q&A with current seniors & Alumni.


    Please click on the hyperlinks throughout the text above to view the presentations that were made available to our students.

Last Modified on October 17, 2019