•  AP INFORMATION 2022-2023 

    Q: Why should I take the AP Exam?

    A: It’s possible for you to earn college credit, since 90% of the colleges in the United States offer credit for qualifying scores, which means that you will save time and money in college!

    Q: How do I pay for the AP Exam?

    A: Follow the steps below.


    AP Exams have to be ordered in November, so it is time to begin the payment process for those exams. Pay careful attention to the deadlines, as they are firm.

    1. Students can go to www.totalregistration.net/ap/054357 , log in to their account (or create one if this will be their first AP exam), and pay for each exam they want to take. 
    2. Exam costs:

    -Regular Exams: $101 per exam

    -Capstone Exams: $151 per exam (only students enrolled in either AP Seminar or AP Research take Capstone exams)

    -AP Fee Waiver: $9 per exam (Students have to be approved for the National School Lunch Program in order to be eligible for the AP Fee Waiver. They can apply here if they feel they are eligible: Murrieta Valley Unified School District - School Nutrition And Fitness (murrietaschoolnutrition.com) )

                    -If students use AP Fee Waivers for their exams and end up not taking any exam, they will be charged $35 due to the $40 cancellation fee that College Board charges for cancelled exams.

    *Families have the option to make payments rather than paying in full initially; however, a down payment of $40 per exam must be made by October 31st to avoid a Late Fee and by November 14th for the exam to be ordered. Please see more deadlines below.


      1. October 31st, 2022: End of payment period without incurring a late fee. 
      2. November 1st-November 14th: $10 late fee added to each exam (AP Fee Waivers will not cover any late fees.)
      3. Total Registration will be shut down on November 15th to allow us to finalize the order. 
      4. When it reopens on November 16th, each exam will then cost $141. (Capstone, for AP Seminar and AP Research, will be $191.) AP Fee Waivers will not cover any late fees. Students will still be responsible for paying these, even if they are eligible for a Fee Waiver
      5. Last day to receive partial refund for cancelled exam: March 8th. Cancellation fee will be $45/exam between November 15th and March 8th. 
      6. NO refunds will be given after March 8th. 


    • AP Readiness - Click here for more information. Flyer in Spanish




    Apply for Free/Reduced Lunch here: 

    Q: Why should I apply for Free/Reduced Lunch if lunches are free anyway? 

    A: The only way to be eligible for a waiver to reduce the cost of each AP exam is through an approval for Free or Reduced Lunch. Doing so also allows students free SAT and ACT exams (up to 2 per student) as well as 4 free college applications through College Board.

    Click the link below to apply!

    2023 AP Exam Schedule here: AP Testing Dates

    Download a copy of the AP Contract click Here


    For an official description of each AP Course, please click http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/courses/descriptions/index.html
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