The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a multiple-aptitude battery that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military. 

    The ASVAB is the most widely used multi-aptitude battery test for students in the nation. ASVAB WEBSITE LINK

    It is an opportunity for juniors and seniors to get an assessment of their academic ability and how that translates into real-life occupations. The ASVAB is the assessment that the military utilizes to determine eligibility for the armed forces. However, it is not only a military assessment. 

    Several composite scores are formed from different combinations of ASVAB test scores.  Three composites or Career Exploration Scores are provided specifically to help students engage in civilian career exploration.  These scores help students to get a good sense of their verbal, math, science, and technical skills compared to other students in the same grade. Once students get their scores back, they will be invited to participate in an ASVAB score interpretation. The interpretation will assess their academic scores as well as a personality inventory and provide a list of hundreds of potential careers that may be suited to their personal skill strengths as well as their interests. Further, under each career profile, there is data on what colleges and technical schools have strong programs for that career, where in the country those jobs are saturated, and information on financial aid.

    Whether students are planning to go to college, join the military, attend a technical school, or start a career – ASVAB is a step in the right direction.

    There will be several ASVAB tests scheduled to be held at school throughout the year. Please check this page periodically for dates, check the Pony Express, and watch BNN. Also, follow the College and Career Center page on Instagram.

    For more information and study guides to help you prepare for the test, please visit https://www.asvabprogram.com

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    Military Branches Contact Information



    Air National Guard -      

    Army - SFC Lawrence Peters   lawrence.c.peters2.mil@army.mil  or call 949-324-9415

              - SFC Ryan Rhone    ryan.a.rhone.mil@army.mil or call 951-556-7818

    Air Force ROTC-  Nebiyu Girma nebiyu.girma.1@us.af.mil  

    Air Force- TSgt Taylor Thomas     taylor.thomas.7@us.af.mil

    Air Force Reserve  -TSgt Melquiades Maciel    melquiades.maciel.1@us.af.mil or call 858-472-2700

    Marines- SSgt Jacquez Freeman      Jacquez.Freeman@marines.usmc.mil or call 760-443-6870

     US Army National Guard - SSG Luis Munoz      luis.r.munoz10.mil@army.mil  or call 951-440-1071

    Navy - SW2 (SCW/EXW) Adam Lewis          adam.j.lewis24.mil@us.navy.mil  or call 951-594-2946


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    Reminder to Male Seniors!

    If you are a male U.S. citizen or male immigrant living in the United States, you must register with the Selective Service System within 30 days of your 18th birthday. You must register to qualify for federal student aid, federal jobs, federal job training, and any state student financial aid or state employment. It's the law.

    To register, go to www.sss.gov, pick up a form at the local post office, or e-mail the completed Selective Service reminder card sent to most young men around their 18th birthday.





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