Mission Statement

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    Our goal at Dorothy McElhinney Middle School is to prepare compassionate, open-minded, and trustworthy leaders by giving students of different abilities and backgrounds access to an excellent education and creative opportunities through the visual and performing arts.




    We at DMMS will achieve our goal of empowering all students by creating safe, engaging and productive cultures in our arts-based Classrooms, Campus, and Community:

    Classroom: We prioritize student achievement that celebrates growth and integrity. Students are held to a high standard and are accountable for their work habits and citizenship. Our classrooms are diverse and promote the values of self-discipline and perseverance.

    Campus: Our campus culture is rooted in kindness and inclusion. We facilitate opportunities for students to develop their creativity through a variety of electives, clubs, sports and events. Accepting each others’ differences is the key to student connections at our school, which is modeled by teachers and staff.

    Community: We are grateful for our city, district, and families, and we are committed to partnering with all levels of our local community. Our students' lives extend beyond the classroom through rallies at school, competitions in the district, and other civic events where we partner with families and community members.