• Health Services

    A district nurse and/or health technician will be present on campus five days per week. Students should obtain a pass from their teacher to receive medical attention. Students must have an up-to-date emergency card on file in the office in the event of an emergency. Parents may be notified if a child is injured or ill and parents are responsible for transporting students; except in the case of extreme emergency.

    Any student who is required to take prescribed, or over-the-counter (OTC), medicine at school must have written consent from parent/guardian as well as a written statement from their physician detailing the name of the student and medication, the method of administration, amount, and time scheduled by which said medication is to be taken. The medication must be brought in its original, labeled container and taken to the Health Office to be signed in by parent/guardian. If it is an OTC medication, it must be unopened upon signing in to the health office.  Click here for additional information on health services and resources or to download the authorization for medication. 



    Carissa Hoffman / DMMS Nurse 

    Lilia Kleinman / DMMS Health Tech
Last Modified on March 4, 2019