For School Year 2023-2024, meals will be available at no cost to students.



    Families are encouraged to complete a 2023-2024 meal application. This qualification extends to other district and state benefits and helps ensure funding for our classrooms.

    Free and Reduced Meals: If you feel that your family may qualify for the Free or Reduced Lunch and Breakfast Program, please fill out an application. The Eligibility Guidelines and Meal Application are available online at www.murrietaschoolnutrition.com. Applications can be completed any time during the school year.  Only one application per family is needed. Be certain that you list all children enrolled in the district. Free and reduced meal applications must be renewed annually. Benefits will carry over 30 days into the next school year. Paper applications are available in the school office, cafeteria, and District Support Center.



    Please visit www.murrietaschoolnutrition.com for breakfast, lunch, and a la carte prices, menus, and nutritional information. Second meals will be charged at the regular rates but cannot be charged to a student’s account.

    Two Ways to Pre-Pay: We highly encourage pre-payment to accounts to keep the lines moving quickly during lunch and eliminate the risk of your child losing his/her money during the school day.

    #1 Pay online: visit www.mySchoolBucks.com, to create your child’s account with a unique login and password. Balances and purchase history are only displayed after the account is validated with the first payment and the correct user login and password are entered. A $1.35 convenience fee, per transaction, is charged for this service at the time of deposit into your child’s account.

    #2 Pre-pay in the school cafeteria.