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Mrs. Villanueva

Hello everyone!  I am NOT actively using this web page anymore.  I've moved everything over to Haiku.  Many of you already use Haiku for your other classes but here are the directions for how to log in.  Please check our class Haiku page and your email DAILY as well as answer the daily discussion board questions AND submit your daily attendance by clicking on the DMMS Attendance link on our Haiku page.  Stay healthy!!


We have a great district digital library but Audible is also offering accounts for FREE to students during school closures.  This is very valuable.  Please check it out here!


Please see my text and email about previously outlined assignments.   At this time, our focus is on the health and safety of our students and families.  There are no required assignments at this time - we just want you to rest and be well.  More will be communicated when we have additional information.  Take care, Mrs. V.

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Week of March 9, 2020

Monday is our Vocabulary Quiz.

Tuesday - Friday we will begin our Narrative Writing process.  The related pages will be posted here. We will also still be having computer and independent reading rotations daily.  Six* computer segments and 50 Reading Counts Points are due by the end of May.  *EXCEPTION: hybrid social studies students who have a separate teacher for social studies, only need to complete 3 computer segments but still need to complete 50 Reading Counts Points. 

Week of March 2, 2020

Monday - 2 rotations // Cornell Notes (*see new list below - Quizlet is on my website)

Tuesday - 3 rotations // Real Book pages 260-261

Wednesday - 3 rotations // Real Book pages 262-263

Thursday - 3 rotations // Inferencing lesson & activity // Real Book pages 264-265

Friday - Catch up day & Pandemic docuseries for those who have at least 12 reading counts points, 2 segments complete, and no missing assignments

Workshop 5: Contagion - part 4 QUIZ ON MONDAY, March 9

Quizlet Link (click here)

1. prevention

2. antibodies

3. bacteria

4. equipment

5. microbes

6. precaution

7. treat

8. refuse

9. cover


Week of February 24, 2020 ** No vocabulary this week

Monday - Black History Month cubes are due! // 2 rotations

Tuesday - R.I. (Reading Inventory - new reading Lexile level)

Wednesday - 3 rotations // cube view and record facts in small group

Thursday - "Hidden Figures" movie and notes

Friday - "Hidden Figures" movie and notes continued


Week of February 18, 2020 ** No vocabulary this week**

Monday - No School

Tuesday - Review this power point:  Why Do We Celebrate Black History Month? 

Introduction of Black History Month Project:  Choose 3 Americans from the The Undefeated 44 or another influential African American ok'd by me (you must be able to explain how they are making or have made a positive influence in our world).

Wednesday - Continue Black History Month Project **DUE MONDAY, FEB. 24**

Thursday - Interim Assessment in the Computer Lab

Friday - Continue Black History Month Project **DUE MONDAY, FEB. 24**



Week of February 10, 2020

Monday -

~ Vocabulary quiz on Workshop 5, part 3

~ 2 Rotations

Tuesday -

~Begin "New Disease" paragraph writing New Disease Paragraph directions

~3 Rotations

Wednesday -

~ Continue "New Disease" paragraph writing

~ 3 Rotations

Thursday -

~ Continue "New Disease" paragraph writing

~ 3 Rotations

** DUE TYPED on Tuesday, February 18

Friday -

NO SCHOOL (4 day weekend)



This month our student have been participating in "Kindness Month" by spending time each day writing a kindness note to someone in class. We have also watched a couple of short videos about kindness. 

Beginning the week of February 18th, we will begin a project to honor "Black History Month".  Students should return to school after our 4 day weekend with the names of 6 Americans they would like to research for this project.  We will be doing a majority of this project in class.  Here is a link to a few people they might choose but they can choose other Americans not on this list as well.  Final selections need to be approved by me.Influential Black Americans in History link


Here are the vocabulary words that were introduced on Tuesday, February 4th.

Workshop 5, part 3

1. rare

2. assign

3. case

4. agency

5. epidemiologist

6. confirm

7. determine

8. retraced

9. mutate

Week of February 3, 2020 

Monday - Data Talks & Vocabulary Test on Workshop 5, Part 2 list // only 2 rotations

Tuesday - Introducing Workshop 5, part 3 vocabulary (Quiz on Monday, Feb. 10) // New Cornell Notes & Real Book page 252

Wednesday - Real Book pages 254-257

Thursday - Real Book pages 254-257 (continued)

Friday - Cornell Notes - definitions in your own words OR used in a sentence **REMINDER: Vocab Quiz, Workshop 5, part 3 quiz on Monday, February 10.

Here are the vocabulary words that were introduced Tuesday, Jan. 28th - QUIZ ON MONDAY, FEB. 2.

Workshop 5, part 2

1. overwhelm

2. mystery

3. invaders

4. contain

5. expose

6. dehydrated

Week of Jan. 27

Monday - Renaissance Rally and Vape Prevention Presentation // Journal about Kobe Bryant after watching two short videos:

Kobe Bryant Video #1   Kobe Bryant Video #2

Tuesday - New Cornell Notes including definitions in your own words OR used in a sentence *see list above **QUIZ MONDAY 2/3

Wednesday - Real Book pages 248-249

Thursday - Author's Purpose Activity

Friday - Author's Purpose Activity continued

Week of Jan. 21

Monday - No School in honor of Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tuesday - Review Vocab & add definitions in your own words to your Cornell Notes

Wednesday - Real Book pages 244-245

Thursday - Vocab Review - QUIZ TOMORROW!!

Friday - Vocabulary Quiz & Real Book pages 246-247


Here are the next vocabulary words introduced

on Thursday, Jan. 16.

Contagion - Workshop 5 - Vocabulary part 1

1. disease

2. immune system

3. infect

4. protect

5. symptom

6. vaccine

7. virus

8. spread

9. avoid

10. crisis

11. fatal

12. flu


Week of 1/14:

Monday:  No School



~ Guest Speaker Assembly - Social Media, Cell Phones, and Our Youth #savethekids #savetheparents

~ 2020 Sheet

~ Comp/Ind Reading Rotations: choose a new book/start new blue reading log



~ Reflection activities about yesterday's assembly & today's bullying video and reflection:  Bullying

~ Comp/Ind Reading Rotations



~ Introduce New Workshop 5: Contagion anchor video:  Contagion Anchor Video

~ Real Book pages 240-241

~ Start Cornell Notes for part 1 (see list above) - whatever is not done is homework & due Tuesday, Jan. 21

 ~ Small Group / Ind Reading / Computer Rotations


~ Friday Funny journal

~ Real Book pages 242-243

~ Small Group / Ind Reading / Computer Rotations




Here are the next vocabulary words introduced on Friday, Nov. 8. 

The quiz for these words will be Friday, Nov. 22nd.

1. trudging

2. serve

3. doubt

4. veterans

5. critical

6. significant

7. waivers

8. novice

9. evade

10. encounter

11. constraints

12. obligatory



Our next vocabulary quiz will be on Thursday, November 7th.  It will cover the following words:

(look on glossary tab for correct definitions and use the Quizlet link to help you study!)

1. perseverance

2. camaraderie

3. competition

4. discipline

5. obstacle

6. participant 

7. visible

8. survival


Our next vocabulary quiz is scheduled for Monday, September 23rd.  

It will cover the following words:

1. perform

2. risk

3. accomplish

4. grasp

5. summit

6. delay

7. ascend


Our first vocabulary quiz for Read 180 Workshop 6 will be on Friday, September 6th. 

It will cover the following words:

1. determination

2. extreme

3. fitness

4. stamina

5. training

6. challenge

7. achievement

8. agility

9. athlete

10. practice

11. strain

To be prepared your student has access to quizlet games and flashcards on my web page, the glossary for all of our vocabulary words for this "workshop" is located on my web page, and we create simplified Cornell style notes in class to study and quiz partners with.  Cornell notes do not go home.  They are created in class and remain in class for practice and are then turned in on the day of the quiz.  



 Mrs. Villanueva

951-304-1885 x3616

7th & 8th Grade - Intensive Language Arts / Social Studies (READ 180)





What your student needs for THIS CLASS (please have these items ASAP):


  • 1 inch binder (this binder will remain in the classroom)
  • Composition Book – NOT spiral notebook (this will also stay in the classroom)


General Student Needs: It is not necessary to have a separate set of these items for this class.  These are just universal student supplies that I would expect them to have with them.


  • Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Blue ink pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Colored Pencils
  • Hand held sharpener
  • College ruled binder paper



  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Tissue




20% = Independent Reading: Independent Reading Logs/ Quick Writes / Graphic Organizers

20% =Writing: Academic Writing / Writing Prompts / Journals / Projects

40% = Class Tasks: Real Book Pages / Reading Counts Quizzes / Workshop Tests / Core Lit Quizzes and Tests

20% = Computer Program Scores



  • Unfinished classwork
  • READ! Every student will have an “independent reading” book that they read in class and at home as necessary to stay on track with their individual goals.  Students are graded according to meeting individual book deadlines, quality of “quick write” or graphic organizer for each book, and success on the Reading Counts quiz for each book. 


Classroom Rules:

These three simple rules cover most classroom offenses.

  1. Arrive on time and prepared for class.
  2. Conduct yourself in a positive, respectful way towards staff, other students, and yourself.
  3. Take responsibility for your actions.


Your actions = Your consequences