WEB Is not JUST a one-tIme event, It’s a year-long transition program!

    The structure of the WEB program guides 6th graders to academic and social success by reducing the initial challenges of entering middle school. WEB helps create an environment where 6th graders feel cared for and supported by creating an atmosphere free of bullying, intimidation and fear and replacing it with support, connection and a sense of comfort and belonging. The transition to middle school can be a major event in the life of a young person, and yet very few effective strategies for support exist in most middle schools. Because the move to middle school can be stressful and frightening, 6th graders often experience lowered academic achievement and difficult social adjustments. WEB eases this challenging time period by offering the 6th graders a solid and safe foundation to begin their middle school experience. With WEB, students help students succeed by using older students as peer mentors for the 6th graders. WEB Leaders are members of the 8th grade class who go through extensive training to become positive role models, motivators and teachers.

Last Modified on July 16, 2022