IMAGINE MATH (Formerly known as Think Through Math)

    • Username = 9 digit ID     Password = IM9digitID     Site Code = 0600029
    • Imagine Math lesson requirements will be assigned on a monthly basis or by unit, depending on where we are at in the year. The first assignments will come from a pathway that reviews the 6th grade standards (7th Grade Starter Pathway). After that, lessons will be based on the 7th grade standards that we are currently working on in class.
    • Up to 4 extra lessons (beyond the requirement for that particular month) may be passed per month for extra points. 
    • Each passed lesson is worth 10 points and is composed of a pre-quiz, a warm up, guided learning, practice, and a final lesson test. In order to earn 10 points, you must complete the learning portion of the lesson AND pass the final test.
    • Imagine Math points will be entered at the end of each month. DO NOT put your Imagine Math off until the end of the month! For most students, it tends to be very difficult to pass more than two lessons per week!
    • You are REQUIRED to work out all IM problems in your IM composition book. Each page in your composition book should be titled with the lesson name and number and the date. Each problem should be labeled in your work with that problem's IM Item Number.
    • If you need help from me with an item, or if you find what you think to be an error on an item when working through an IM lesson, the first thing I will ask to see is your work from that lesson.
    • Imagine Math lessons will be worked on both at school and at home. IM notebook checks will be conducted randomly throughout the semester. In order to be fully prepared for class, you should ALWAYS bring your IM composition book with you to math class!
    • Imagine Math (assignments and composition notebook checks) will make up 5% of your overall grade in this class.
Last Modified on August 28, 2019