• Name:


    Book Title:


    Fiction (made up story!)

    Answer in complete sentences ONLY!

    1. Characters:   Pick 2 characters from the story and describe them using AT LEAST 3 adjectives for each character.

    Character 1:

    Character 2:

    2. Setting:  Part 1 - When AND where does this story happen?


    Part 2 – Is this a place or time that you would ever like to visit AND WHY OR WHY NOT?



    3. Plot:  In only 4 sentences, summarize what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story.


    4. Rating:  How many stars (out of 5) would you give this book? EXPLAIN why in at least 2 sentences but DO NOT just say “because it was a good book” or a “because it was a boring book” – BE SPECIFIC and give REASONS for how many stars you are giving it.