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    • 6th Grade Math/Science
    7th-8th Yearbook/Graphic Design/Photography

    Important LINKS:

    BIG Ideas Math link:
     User ID: first initial, last name, and 2-3 digit # (ie:  tkeller029)
    Password:  capital M, lowercase vbday (6-digits) (ie:  Mv122907)
    Imagine Math link:
     User ID: 9-digit permanent ID#    Password:  IM(and 9-digit #)    Site Code:  0600029
    Khan Academy link:
     User ID: first initial, last name, and your 2-3 digit # (ie:  tkeller029)
    Password:  Dmms2020  (capital D, lowercase mms, and year (4-digits)
    STEMscopes Science link:
     User ID: 9-digit permanent ID#    Password:  stemscopes

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