• Classroom Guidance Curriculum

    Classroom Guidance Curriculum

    Counselors at DMMS present classroom guidance lessons to the students several times a year.   The guidance curriculum promotes knowledge, attitudes, and skills through instruction in three content areas:  academic achievement, career development, and personal/social growth.   Listed below are the topics presented by grade level:


    Grade 6


    •“It’s Up 2 U” – Career lesson, introducing the Pathways to Success in California


    Grade 7

    • Sexual Harassment and Bullying Review

    • Reality Check- California Career Zone


    Grade 8

    • Sexual Harassment

    • Holland Code, Career Examination

    • Gear Up for High School


    College Week is held every spring and it is a schoolwide event.

    Success 101 is a six week program that identified sixth through eighth grade struggling students participate in each fall to help them improve their grades and study skills.

Last Modified on January 28, 2014