Reading Counts is a program by Scholastic that encourages students to read.  The program is pretty simple; students find books that they want to read, check that there is a Reading Counts quiz, and when they are finished reading the book they take a quiz.  Quizzes are 10 questions and can be taken at the library (before school, at break/lunch), or in my classroom during independent work time. 


    Each book is worth is different amount of points, based on level of difficulty, total pages, and sentence and vocabulary variety. You can check to see how many points a book is worth by using the Scholastic website link below.   For first semester students have been given a 75 point goal.  This is a reading test grade that will amount to about 10% of their grade.  So that there are no surprises with grades at the end of the semester, I will start putting the RC points into grades about halfway through the semester.  You can see how many points you have by looking at your grades.  I will update points every other week starting Oct 1.  Students have until Dec. 17th to continue reading and taking quizzes and earning points. 

    If a student fails a quiz, I encourage them to go home and reread parts of the book.  They can retake the quiz up to 3 times, but questions will vary. 

    Happy Reading!!


    Search for a book by title/author/keyword to check if it is a Reading Counts book and to see how many points it is worth.




Last Modified on September 13, 2019