Degrees and Certifications:

Northern Arizona University: BS in Education Walden University: MS in Education Capella University: EdS in Curriculum & Instruction; PhD in Education CA Credentials: Multiple Subject; Single Subject in Social Studies; Single Subject in English Language Arts

Dr. Suitts

Welcome to 8th Grade Advanced Language Arts and U.S. History!

Classroom #F204

Schedule:   Adv. LA 8: per. 1-5    ---    Social Studies 8: per. 6

I am excited for this new school year, just as I was my first year teaching in 1998. I am ready to be Leading the Way at DMMS for my 8th year!

Suggested Materials for 2021-2022

–3-ring binder with 5 tab dividers (1 or 1.5in is large enough. You may share a bigger binder with other classes as long as you have labeled sections.)

–Lined filler paper

–Pens (black for work turned it; any colors for your notes)

–Highlighters (multiple colors)

–Dry erase markers (skinny ones work best)

–Post-it notes

For History you will also need:

–2 Single-subject sprial notebooks (Make sure it is 11x8.5in or larger to fit a sheet of copy paper! I reccomend the 5 Star brand for durabilty.)

–Colored Pencils



Donations of facial tissue are greatly appreciated!