• Course Outline

    Computer Science 1 (Semester) 


    In this course, students will learn the basics of programming, use of algorithms, and debugging. As students' progress, they will build understanding in more complex programming skills such as loops, variables, conditionals, as well as begin to understand the various hardware components of computing devices. This class is self-paced and allows for students to begin at their own level and progress at their own pace. As students master the basics of programming, they will have the opportunity to design and build websites. In addition to learning programming and web design, students will experience Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint in a variety of projects. This course is a requirement for students wishing to explore Computer Science 2 (year-long class). 



    Multimedia (Semester)


    This course is the introductory class in our video production program that trains students to produce news segments through the three stages of video production. Students will have the opportunity to explore broadcasting and video production in a hands-on setting. Students will have the opportunity to work in the Mac News Studio to produce a variety of programming for the middle school audience such as commercials, news stories, student interviews, and more. Students will learn how to use video cameras, microphones, tripods, lights and other equipment to create their segments. Topics covered include the basic aspects of the pre-production, production, and post-production process including storyboarding, camera techniques, editing, copyright and careers in the media fields.

    Mac News (yearlong)


    This advanced video production course focuses on performing a variety of tasks from planning, writing original scripts, producing, shooting video, and editing footage.  Students continue to learn about the operation of video equipment, Mac computers and editing software.  Students study and actively participate in the roles of a production crew.  Students will develop technical knowledge of all aspects of video production including: producing, directing, camera-work, audio, lighting, and editing. Students will produce a published news broadcast (Mac News) that will be shown to students as well as posted on the school website.  This course promotes student involvement and increases school spirit. 











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