• Mrs. Caldera's Math and Science Supply List for 2023-2024


    Notebooks for my class only:

    • SINGLE Subject spiral notebook (for math) 

    • 1 SINGLE Subject spiral notebook (for science)

    • Small Spiral Notebook or Composition book - for warm-ups/Think Through Math work


    Supplies needed at home, for my class, and can be used for all classes:

    *Most of these you probably already have at home..

    • pencils
    • pencil sharpener (if not using mechanical pencils)
    • glue sticks or stapler
    • scissors
    • highlighters (I like to make my notes colorful!)
    • colored pencils, crayons, or markers 
    • ruler (we use this almost daily in math)
    • basic calculator (only used for some chapters)


    Supplies for when we go back into the classroom: students will need their own of each so they do not share with other students...
    • pencils - lots
    • mini stapler + staples - THIS IS A HUGE TIMESAVER! 
    • Dry-erase white board markers (any color) ex: Expo marker
    • colored pencils, crayons, markers - so they do not have to share with other students - don't need all just something to color with..
    • Optional - colored pens if you would like (I like to make notes colorful) - ex: flair pens, gel pens, etc.
    • scissors
    • glue sticks - lots
    • highlighters
    • ruler
    • basic calculator